#BeautyBoss: Diane Ranger, Inventor of Mineral Makeup & Spokesperson for Mineral Air

Diane Ranger.

Diane Ranger.

This week’s #BeautyBoss is Diane Ranger, a woman who has worn many hats in the beauty industry. She founded Bare Escentuals in 1976, invented mineral makeup in 1977, and created Colorescience in 2000—a line of science-based skin care and makeup with vitamins, minerals and polypeptides. Most recently, she became a spokesperson for Mineral Air—a brand that combines nature and technology to create high quality, mineral-based cosmetic products that work for all women, all ages, and all skin types.

We recently sat down with Ranger, who shared her passion for Mineral Air, wellness and beauty tips, secrets to success, and more:

We know you invented mineral makeup with your first company, Bare Escentuals. What inspired you to come out of retirement to get involved with Mineral Air?

I had been happily retired for five years. I was always interested in combining mineral makeup and air brush. My son-in-law sent me a link to the Mineral Air website, and I was intrigued so I ordered the product and I fell in love! The Mineral Air system was so much more than I could have imagined. I have never worn any makeup except Bare Minerals and Colorescience.  

How long have you been wearing mineral makeup and what are the newest advancements in formulation?

I have been wearing mineral makeup for 40 years. I created mineral makeup when I was just 26 and it was all I needed. When I started Colorescience at 46, I had discoloration and wrinkles, so I created the first mineral primer to address texture. At 56, I needed skin plumping and super hydration, so I created the hyaluronic acid and peptide illuminating serum. 

When I used Mineral Air, the product addressed all these issues plus concealer, in seconds. I was ecstatic. So I contacted Mineral Air in Japan to see if I could help introduce the product to the United States market. Mineral Air is essentially third-generation Mineral Makeup. The Mineral Air system (4-in-1 foundation plus mineral mist device) is truly the newest advancement in formulations. The evolution continues! 

What makes Mineral Air different from traditional air brush products?

It’s beyond air brush. It’s mineral mist technology. I hesitate to even compare it to air brush because most people think "special occasion" and associate it with a heavy look and feel. The mineral air mist is lightweight, easy to use, and quick as a flash. It feels like nothing on the skin, gives full coverage, and stays on all day!

Where is Mineral Air sold?

On www.mineralair.com and Amazon at this time. We are just beginning our retail launch.

Who will benefit from wearing Mineral Air?

Anyone that loved Bare Minerals. So many women felt that they outgrew traditional mineral makeup as they aged. They felt their pores and lines were accentuated, and they grew tired of it being messy. Mineral Air has solved these problems. Also anyone who wanted to love Bare Minerals or mineral makeup in general but wasn’t happy with the application, this is a great alternative. 

The Mineral Air Complexion Starter Kit.

The Mineral Air Complexion Starter Kit.

Who inspires you?

Kim Yamazaki, the founder of Mineral Air. She is president of Ya-Man, the number one cosmetic device company in Japan. She was the Bare Minerals distributor for Japan and a pioneer in introducing mineral makeup to the country. She is beautiful inside and out, and a very successful business woman. Eventually, she created her own line and a chain of mineral makeup stores. And if this wasn’t enough, she envisioned and created the Mineral Air foundation and device system, a whole new face of beauty. It’s a delight to work with her. 

Secret to success?

Vision. Faith. Hard work. Don’t take no for an answer if you believe in something.

Beauty secret?
The greatest beauty secret is a big, genuine smile. (It makes the years disappear!) Healthy living is foremost. New products and services are available from Japan and Korea, as well as the United States. I’m like a kid in a candy store experimenting these days. 

Wellness tip?

Eat clean. Exercise. Reduce stress. Be kind and loving. 

Best advice?

Find your calling. Persevere.  Choose great people to surround you.

For more information and to purchase Mineral Air, visit the company’s website and follow them on Instagram: @mineral_air

[Images courtesy of Diane Ranger and Mineral Air]

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