The Spa Insider Joins Goldthread and Common Table Creative for a Plantventure Dinner Experience

We enjoyed an intimate Plantventure Dinner with Goldthread and Common Table Creative.

We enjoyed an intimate Plantventure Dinner with Goldthread and Common Table Creative.

Food often brings people together, and there is nothing quite like a delicious meal to connect friends to strangers and help build a community. Recently, The Spa Insider joined Goldthread and Common Table Creative for an intimate zero-waste dinner experience that included plant-based Mediterranean cuisine with tonic pairings.

Common Table Creative (founded by Oliver English, Jamer Bellis and Simon English) creates collaborative experiences with the mission to teach people about the link between the food we eat, our health, and the health of the world around us. Goldthread was naturally a perfect collaborative fit and hosted the dinner at their headquarters in Santa Monica.

If you’ve ever been to one of Goldthread’s Plantventure Experiences (and if you haven’t you’re missing out!), you’ve had the chance to explore the health benefits of various herbs with Goldthread Founder Willam Siff. The evening combined a pairing of Siff’s famous tonics and elixirs with a plant-based dinner made from fruits and vegetables by Imperfect Produce, a company with a vision to eliminate food waste. 

The evening began with the enchanting music of Shere and Zeraphina, while guests mingled and enjoyed a Frankincense and Gin tonic. Siff shared, “The cocktail is aromatic with some slight bitter notes, good to activate digestion and ready the body to optimally absorb the nutrients for the meal ahead.”

Prepared by chef Rebecca King, the three-course Mediterranean-inspired menu included Avocado and Pistachio Romaine Salad, Butternut Squash and Aleppo Pepper, and Baked Pears for dessert. Each course was paired with a delectable tonic. Siff explained, “The drinks were primarily made from medicinal plants and spices that are native to the Mediterranean region where the majority of the dishes were themed.”

The three elixirs were formulated to be palette cleansers in-between the courses and also to accentuate the flavors of the food while maximizing the digestive process. The first course was served with a Rose-Lavender-Aged Citrus, the second course with a Rosemary-Coriander Fennel, and the third course with a Greek Mountain Mint. Each elixir was so exquisitely unique and flavorful that it was hard to choose a favorite and easy to forget that these delicious additions to the meal are packed with health benefits.

“An important part of this diet that is often forgotten or at least gets less attention is the inclusion of medicinal herbs and spices into all meals, and as aperitifs, digestives, and cordials consumed alongside meals,” Siff reminded us. “This is both a delicious and full-bodied extension of an otherwise delicious approach to cuisine, but also the very essence of practical healthcare,.”

After dinner, guests gathered around Shere and Zeraphina for an after-dinner performance while sipping on a Cacao-Chili-Vanilla Elixir. The spicy dessert elixir invigorated guests along with the magical harp-filled music.

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[Image/Video courtesy of Goldthread and Common Table Creative]


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