Tastemakers and Trendsetters: Kate Reid, Color.Me by Kevin.Murphy Global Design Director


In Tastemakers and Trendsetters, we talk to inspirational leaders in the world of spa, beauty, and wellness. This week we chat with Kate Reid, Color.Me by Kevin.Murphy Global Design Director. Reid is a Finalist of Excellence in Education in the Australian Hair Fashion Awards for the third year in a row. After being chosen as a winner last year, her streak with the AHFA is a true testament to her passion for education, the hair craft, and always staying on top of the trends.

What inspired you to first get into the industry?

I was quite young and always was very creative. I worked with a salon on a shoot when I was 14, and then within a year pursued the hair industry full-time.

Tell us about your work. Is there a signature technique you are known for?

My style is definitely editorial, fast fashion, and classic, beautiful hair color. I’m quick to change techniques and looks based on fashion movements, but still commercial.

Are there any projects you are most proud of?

I’m so proud to be a part of the launch team and COLOR.ME globally, going from just myself in North America to more than 10 full-time employees and 130 part-time educators.

You’ve worked closely with Kevin.Murphy’s Color.Me collection. What hair color trends do you think we’re going to be seeing in 2019?

We really focus on shades like pink, jade, and stone. For pink, we are focused on it being a staple and which one suits you for your skin tone. We are also seeing spearmint, peppermint, and new pastels. Clean blondes and zone-toning, plus basin balayage are also huge trends we’re focused on.

What are some of your favorite products?

Definitely FREESTYLE.LIGHTENER, a clay lighter for balayage. For styling, HEATED.DEFENSE offers ultimate heat protection up to 450 degrees—it’s a must for every color client.

Are there any new products from Kevin Murphy that we should watch out for?

ROSE toner is stunning and bound to be a huge hit, plus we’re launching three new violet shades that will also be a salon staple for clean blondes.

Who inspires you?

There are so many people, but ultimately it’s not in hair and I feel like all have similar qualities. Take risks, work hard, and stay passionate.

Secret to success?

Work your hardest, keep pushing yourself to learn, and make change.

Beauty secrets?

Rest, drink lots of water, and exercise regularly. See experts for hair, as I really believe it costs less in the long term.

Wellness tip?

Eat well, treat your skin and hair regularly, and if you’re unmotivated to exercise, do it in groups or with friends.

Best advice?

My mum always said, “Don’t give someone a fish, teach them how to fish! Also, overnight success takes a lifetime.”

[Image courtesy of Kate Reid]