6 Ways to Prevent Red Wine Stains on Teeth

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You may enjoy indulging in a glass of your favorite red wine after a long day, but what about those colored stains that are left on your teeth as a reminder? Red wine contains chromogens, which are strong pigments that leave their mark on porous surfaces such as teeth due to the nature of enamel. Because enamel has various cracks and irregularities, pigmentation from the wine will settle in them. Wine is an acidic beverage, and promotes enamel erosion, making it easier for these chromogens to soak into your smile.

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Fortunately, there are several things you can do that will help keep those pearly whites in check, and you don’t have to give up your favorite cabernet or merlot either. NYC-based celebrity cosmetic dentist Dr. Marc Lowenberg of Lowenberg, Lituchy & Kantor shares six simple ways to prevent red wine stains on teeth:

1. Drink water.


“Drinking water while drinking red wine will wash away the red wine residue that sticks to your teeth and hence dissipate or dilute the staining effect of red wine,” says Dr. Lowenberg.

2. Coat teeth with Vaseline.

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“If you know you’re going to be drinking red wine, protect teeth from stains by coating them with Vaseline.” explains Dr. Lowenberg. “The Vaseline acts as a barrier to prevent staining and also helps to keep lipstick off of teeth. If you’re out to dinner, carry a small tube of Vaseline and coat your teeth with it (especially if you have bonding and veneers), as this will prevent red wine and food from sticking to them. Apply it right before you eat.”

3. Use a whitening toothpaste with mild abrasive.


Brushing teeth with a low-abrasive toothpaste will help to remove plaque and those hard-to-remove stains from teeth, while at the same time prevent tooth sensitivity and the wearing away of enamel.

4. Brush or rinse right after drinking.


“If possible, brush or rinse right after you drink to remove the drink from your teeth before it seeps into the enamel,” Dr. Lowenberg points out.

5. Eat crunchy fruits and vegetables.


Eating crunchy fruits and vegetables such as celery or carrots after having wine will also help eliminate stimulate saliva flow and naturally scrub away drink stains.

6. Drink white wine.

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If you’re still concerned about teeth stains from red wine, you can also opt to substitute it with white wine, which won’t leave teeth discolored.

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