6 Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care

It’s important to always carve out time to practice self-care.

It’s important to always carve out time to practice self-care.

If you're like the amazing women I know, you're probably doing a million a things at once. You've mastered the art of multi-tasking, and your time management skills should be taught at business schools. But there is one thing that we must never overlook: finding time to practice self-care. Sometimes the term can evoke thoughts of grandiose endeavors that require a lot of time, possibly hopping on a plane, or shelling out a lot of cash. I have some suggestions that can be helpful to those watching their purse strings. Here is my simple list for self-care:

1. Carve out “me time” and breathe in fresh air.

Even if it means a 15-minute walk around the perimeter of your office building to clear your head, stepping away from your desk, laptop or other communication device can make a world of difference—even if only for a few minutes.

2. Treat yourself to a mani-pedi.

love manicure.jpg

Treat yourself to a manicure, pedicure—or both! To make sure that you're not waiting for too long, you can book an appointment in advance. Many salons have massage chairs, and/or they offer 15-minute massages.     

3. Hydrate.


H2O all the way—avoid coffee and skip the diet soda. One of the main things that we need as human beings in order to survive is water. Many times we're so thirsty that we mistake that sensation for hunger. Your skin and your waistline will thank you! 

4. Nip negative self-talk in the bud.

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When those vicious thoughts come your way (and sometimes they do), just say (in your head), "Stop" and send them on an imaginary conveyor belt somewhere. You deserve way better!

5. Move.


I don't mean move to another address—just get your body moving. If you're not into the gym, then try walking a bit. Maybe get off the subway a stop early to get a few more steps in. Even a little bit of exercise helps to naturally get those mood-boosting hormones pumping through your body to make you happier.

6. Practice gratitude.


No journals necessary, but if that's your jam, then go for it. Find things to be thankful for—even if it's a good night’s sleep, having a comfy bed, and being able to meet up with your bestie for a smoothie.  —Mandy B


Mandy B is a woman who wears many hats.  She has been a longtime veteran of the ad tech field, and was recently acknowledged as one the organization's leading "inspiring" women. One of her greatest loves and passions is hot yoga, which she religiously practices and now teaches. She is constantly striving to make the world a better place through her ongoing activism around human rights, with a focus on education and creating awareness around domestic violence and human trafficking. She is the proud mama to a beautiful rescue pastel calico cat named Savannah.