Recipe: Cacao Energy Bites

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Recently, the SE Spa at Grand Velas Riviera Maya launched its Spa Atelier, which features workshops inspired by local Mexican culture and based upon the principles of ancient Ayurvedic medicine centered around self-discovery. The resort's first workshop teaches participants how to make energy bites that are full of healthy superfoods, which increase energy, improve retention, and help reduce the risk of chronic diseases. 

The Energy Bites workshop features a variety of delicious recipes, ranging from Cacao and Carrot to Matcha-Pistachio and Cranberry-Orange. The hour-long workshops are held every Thursday from July through September, and can accommodate up to six people. The cost is $65 per person. Below, Grand Velas Riviera Maya shares the recipe for one of their most popular energy bites.

Cacao Energy Bites

1/3 cup            powdered cocoa

16                     dried dates

7 tbsp              honey

1 tsp                 coconut oil

1 tsp                 Maca root powder

1 tsp                 acai

½ cup               rolled oats

4 cups              cashews

For toppings: amaranth, chia, hemp seeds and grated coconut

Process: Chop the dates in a food processor before adding the cocoa, Maca, honey, coconut oil, oats, acai and cashews. Pour the mixture into a bowl and mix until well combined. Roll into balls a little under an inch and finish with topping of choice.

For more information or to sign up for a Spa Atelier workshop, click here