How to Transform Your Office Into a Spa Oasis

Turn your office space into a spa oasis, and you’ll feel calmer, clearer, and be more productive. You can even get a massage on your lunch break with on-demand spa services from Mobile Styles. Here’s how to achieve your in-office spa haven.

Say Yes to The Massage!

Bring the spa to you with an in-office massage. It’s easy with Mobile Styles, a beauty app that provides an on-demand team of spa professionals. You can also use the app to order hair, nail, and makeup services. 

You’ll enjoy the massage to the fullest when you create a spa environment in your office with these steps:

Start with a Clean Space

It’s hard to feel relaxed when your office is a cluttered mess. Throw out those old papers and all those unnecessary items that have been collecting dust on your shelves for years. It may seem obvious, but be sure to clean off your desk! Cleaning out your office and throwing away old stuff may seem like a simple step, but you’ll instantly feel so much better.

Smudge Your Office with Sage

Sage is used to clear any negative energy in your space. It is an ancient practice that has been used all over the world. Scientists have observed that it actually changes the ionic composition of the air. It will instantly lift your mood. Wave the sage throughout the office and make sure to get the smoke into every corner. Once you have finished clearing the space, you can put the sage out in an abalone shell. Make sure to put it out so you don’t burn down your office! Try the smudge kit from ($20).

Create Your Ideal Lighting

Lighting plays a big part in creating a relaxing atmosphere in spas. Ditch the fluorescent office lights and bring in your own mood lighting. Find a lamp that fills your office with a soft, warm glow or one that you can dim perfectly to your own preference. Light a scented candle to add to the spa ambiance. Try Capri Blue’s Aloha Orchid Candle and you will instantly be transported to a Hawaiian paradise, available at ($22).

Scents That Calm

Speaking of scented candles, aroma plays an important role in setting the tone. You can opt to use a diffuser to set the scent. Try Saijo Persimmon from ($32).

Decorate Your Office

Here’s your chance to get creative. Decorate your office with items that inspire you and make you feel good. There are so many fun decorative items available, from positive quote signs to Buddha statues for your desk. Your office is your sanctuary, so have fun with it and make it your own. Try for a range fabulous handmade décor.

Get Comfortable

How will you relax if you aren’t sitting in the right chair? You spend a large part of your day sitting in your office, so make sure you have somewhere comfy to rest. If you have extra space in your office, adding a cozy loveseat is perfect when you need a little break. Or try out the absolutely adorable Eckard Ergonomic Office Chair from ($195).

If you don’t have time to create your ideal space, at least say yes to a massage from a Mobile Styles pro! Use our code lookbook18es for $50 off your first service!

Lizzy Sherman

This article originally appeared here and is brought to you courtesy of Mobile Styles.

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