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WYLD West Women


Come discover your true nature in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming with the support of like-minded women. There's no better way to reconnect with and learn to trust your instincts than encountering novel experiences. Think of this as an adventure specifically designed to bring out your most powerful traits. 

When: June 19-23, 2019

Where: HF Bar Ranch in Saddlestring, Wyoming


Retreat activities: We always customize our retreat experience to the specific needs of the group, but sample activities include: intuitive horse work, herding cattle, fly-fishing, skeet-shooting, meditation, and creative arts.

Notable Highlights: Intuitive horse work as a way to better understand your non-verbal communication and energetic impact, as well as mapping your brain for effectiveness and well-being, tend to be the highlights for participants. 


Retreat Leaders: 

Kristin Meek, Founder & CEO at WYLD: Kristin has guided thousands of individuals to know and grow their strengths. She is an expert in designing transformational learning experiences for teams and businesses. Her clients range from Fortune 500 companies and scaling startups to high school students and government institutions. Known for her warmth and authenticity, her eclectic background in Positive Psychology, organizational consulting, ancient wisdom and neuroscience give her great depth and breadth as a teacher and coach. 

Hannah Baker, Creative Director & WYLD Guide: Hannah is a life-long student of human behavior and what makes people thrive. As an artist, she creates beauty and brand integrity for clients. As a coach, she leads individuals to know and own their potential and purpose. As a wellness enthusiast, she brings a holistic approach to team development and curriculum design. Hannah has managed 100+ person teams at Andre Balazs Properties, has consulted top global brands like Mars and Pepsi, and holds an undergraduate degree in psychology and sociology and a Masters in Branding. 


Cuisine: The menus at HF Bar Ranch are always health-conscious while also incorporating the comfort of western cuisine.

Price: $3,500. Price includes lodging, meals, and learning materials.

Retreat Website:

“To say that WYLD is life changing is an understatement. If you are looking for a relaxing retreat, this is not the one for you. However, if you are looking to push yourself to find your true power, WYLD will help get you there. The amount of personal growth that is inspired, and the amount of support offered during that growth, is absolutely unparalleled. The activities are perfectly crafted to provide every person with exactly what they need to push themselves. You are immersed in a safe haven to be genuinely who you are and to actively seek your own destination.” 

- Darynn, WYLD West Women, September 2018