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Three Day Revival of Art and Culinary Traditions at Ojai Valley Inn


This October, Ojai Valley Inn collaborates with Heritage Gatherings to premiere a new experiential three-day event designed to celebrate decades-old skills and back-to-roots living. At the event, guests will enjoy over 20 immersive classes including small group and one-on-one experiences. Educational offerings include beekeeping, organic gardening, open-fire cooking, woodworking, and making herbal home remedies. In the evenings, renowned thought leaders will host fireside chats and master-chefs will prepare delicious meals. The event aims to inspire a sense of community and capture the essence of the destination.

When: October 4-6, 2019

Where: Ojai Valley Inn

Price: $1600 

What’s Included:

  • Local, thoughtfully prepared meals by master chefs (Five all-inclusive meals)

  • Attendance at more than 20 master classes and demonstrations in a variety of disciplines including:

    • Herbalism – Creating Herbal Bitters & Herbal Home Remedies

    • Live Fire Cooking – Respecting Fire: The Primal Cooking Source

    • Hatchet Making – Reconnecting with the Oldest of Tools

    • Woodworking – Beginner Spoon Carving & Whittling

    • Backyard Organic Gardening – Planning, Creating & Harvesting

    • Chicken Coops – How to Keep Backyard Chickens

    • Indigo Dye Fermentation & Shibori Dye Techniques

  • Small group and one-on-one instruction with renowned teachers on their craft

  • Nightly fireside chats with noted thought leaders

Tickets: Visit or call (833) 226-7396

[Image courtesy of Ojai Valley Inn]