How to Make Your Own Homemade Rose Water


Rose water can be used to tone skin and reduce redness. It is also super refreshing and smells great. "Rose water can be used for so many applications, but I love it as a natural toner. It is very gentle for sensitive skin and reduces redness and inflammation," shares Molly of From Molly with Love

Molly believes in reducing the amount of chemicals we expose ourselves to via skin care and home cleaning products. She explains that it can be easy and inexpensive to use natural recipes for skin care. Here is one of Molly’s all-time favorite recipes for rose water.

Molly’s Homemade Rose Water Recipe

1.     Pick the flower petals and buds off of fresh roses, or use organic dried rose petals.

2.     Put some in a pot (I usually fill it 1/3 - 1/3 full).

3.     Pour in water and heat until boiling.

4.     Let boil for 3-4 mins.

5.     Turn the heat off and let the petals sit in the water for 20 minutes or so. The heat is what draws the oil out of the petals.

6.     Strain, let cool, and voila! Enjoy your homemade rose water!