How To Fake Great Eyebrows

While you may not be blessed with the perfect eyebrows, you can achieve your dream brows with the right makeup technique. It just takes a little tinting and filling in. “It makes brows look, longer, wider and more dense, which really helps to frame eyes for a pretty youthful appearance,” says Danielle Boyer, brow expert at Boom Boom Brow Bar. Danielle shares her tips for faking those brows!

TINT: Fill it in baby! All those tiny little hairs can band together and actually make a brow look thick. Tinting fills in gaps and makes brows look more prominent so eyes look lovely and less tired.

Fill: Brows that are too short or start too far apart can be extended slightly with powder, just dab a little powder/pencil a tad bit before the brow actually begins and ends, and voila, better brows. A brow pencil (Boom Boom Seamless Brow/one size/color fits all) or powder (Boom Boom Boostier Brow Powder) can also be used on gaps, patches and sparse areas to fill brows in to make them look wider and denser. Make sure to start at the beginning of the brow, brush powder/pencil on eyebrow with up and outward feather motions. Shadow in the areas that are sparse with minimal product so they look as natural as possible.  

“Getting a brow tint is one of the easiest brows hacks, it lasts from 6-8 weeks, so your brows look so much bolder for that period of time, regardless of whether or not you choose fill them in with pencil or powder,” adds Boyer. 

Credits: Photography: @andrewandada; Styling: @emma_natter; Dress: @samuellecoutoure; HMU: @artstrybydanielleb of @boomboombrowbar; Model: @MadeleineMichael