Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Manscaping But Were Too Afraid to Ask

Manscaping is a men’s grooming trend of removing hair by trimming, shaving, or waxing. It is an art form! While some men choose to DIY it, others turn to professionals for waxing and other manscaping services. You know, think Manzilian, as in the male version of the Brazilian wax. However, manscaping isn’t just for below the belt. The back and the chest are also popular areas for eliminating unwanted hair. We spoke with Michelle Harrison and Jeanne Grant from LunchboxWax to get the scoop on everything you want and need to know about manscaping but are too afraid to ask. 

What should men expect in their first professional manscaping session?

Jeanne: Usually, first-time visitors are tense, so they can expect it to hurt a little more on their first time. If they follow through with it, it gets easier and easier. You get at least two weeks with no hair, but when the hair does grow back it’s finer, thinner, and softer. You’ll notice there’s a difference in the regrowth.

How do you prep the client for being waxed in sensitive areas?

Jeanne: We prep the skin with a cleanser. For the testicles, we put a product similar to an oil, so it doesn’t lift during the wax. If we notice that it’s getting red, we go back with the cleanser and calming products to completely take the redness away.

How long should the hair be in order for waxing to be effective?

Jeanne: You want the hair to be as long as a grain of long rice or an eyelash.

In that case, should clients trim before receiving a service?

Michelle: It’s better that we do it to avoid the hair being too short. We know how to get the hair to where we need it.

What should men look for in a good manscaper?

Jeanne: Watch out for cleanliness and double dipping. You also want someone who is going to educate you on aftercare and what you should and shouldn’t do in the first three days after the service.

What should you avoid after getting waxed?

Jeanne: No Jacuzzi.

Michelle: No intimate contact for 24 hours. Avoid exercising and tight clothing for 24 hours. Exfoliate 48 hours post-wax. We recommend a salt scrub which is more antibacterial than a sugar scrub. You use it on dry skin, not with water. We also have a chemical exfoliant which is more of a glycolic salicylic to help remove dead skin.

Aftercare Product Kit from  LunchboxWax , $28]

Aftercare Product Kit from LunchboxWax, $28]

For those shaving at home, is it better to go with or against the hair?

Michelle: You usually would go with the hair.

What is the best way to avoid ingrown hairs?

Michelle: It’s the exfoliating.

Jeanne: And moisturizing too.

What should clients do for maintenance between appointments?

Jeanne: Again, don’t exercise or go into a pool right after the service. Keep moisturizing and exfoliating between appointments.

Michelle: Make an appointment every three to six weeks for maintenance.

Now you know what to look for in a good wax service! Put down your razor and head to LunchboxWax for all your hair removal needs. To find a location near you, visit Lunchboxwax.com!


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