This Makeup Is Purr-fect for Your Favorite Cat Lady


Did you know that cat videos and photos are some of the most viewed online content? We think that cats are just so darn cute and always love a fun kitty-themed product. Right now we have our eye on Paul & Joe’s cat-inspired makeup line.

Sophie Albou, the designer behind Paul & Joe, has featured her cats Gipsy and Nounette in various patterns and designs for the fashion house for years, and this has expanded to their cosmetics too! We asked Paul & Joe which cat products are the most popular and here’s what they had to say:

Our cat-shaped lipsticks have been known to cause quite the stir. We first debuted the cat-shaped lip in fall of 2010, and it was a hit. We saw thousands of units gone instantly. The product is molded so meticulously into the iconic cat shape that it can be difficult to believe they are lipsticks. We receive an abundance of comments from clients saying they are having a difficult time using the product as they don’t want to ruin the shape.

Because clients have such difficult overcoming the fear of ruining the shape, our limited edition cat-shaped lipstick case (Lipstick Case N 001) has been giving the cat-shaped lipsticks a run for their money. The case is molded into the shape of Gipsy as a kitten, and because our lipstick bullets are refillable, the case can be used repeatedly for years.

Check out a few of our favorites from the feline-inspired line:

Paul & Joe Limited-Edition Compacts


We’d love to get our paws on these adorable cat compacts—great for storing your favorite blush, powder or eyeshadow!

Paul & Joe Limited-Edition Lipstick Cases


Pop your favorite lipsticks into these super-cute kitty lipstick cases!

Paul & Joe Lip Treatment


Nourish and protect your lips with this unique cat shaped lip treatment.

Cat Shaped Lipstick Case


This cat shaped lipstick case is the purr-fect gift for your favorite cat lover.

Paul & Joe Pearl Lipstick


Molded into the shape of a cat, this lipstick gives lips a glossy, shimmering champagne glow!

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[Images courtesy of Paul & Joe]