The Top Wedding-Related Cosmetic Procedures According to RealSelf

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It’s no surprise that people want to look their best on their wedding day. Many brides have their hair and makeup professionally done, along with spa treatments. However, new data revealed by RealSelf—a leading online resource for learning about cosmetic procedures—shows that more people than ever are getting wedding-related cosmetic procedures. According to RealSelf, reviews of these procedures were up 30% in 2019.

Top Trends

The most-reviewed surgical treatments ahead of weddings were rhinoplasty and breast augmentation, which accounted for 14% of wedding-related reviews on RealSelf in the last year. Breast augmentation also ranked first for wedding-related reviews in 2018. Rhinoplasty jumped from the number five spot in 2018 to tying for number one this year.

There are also several non-surgical trends that popped up on the 2019 list. These include Botox, SculpSure (a treatment that uses targeted laser energy to penetrate the skin and destroy fat cells with heat), and facials.

2019 Wedding Trends: The Top 5 Most Reviewed Cosmetic Treatments

1. Rhinoplasty (6.96%), Breast Augmentation (6.96%)

2. Botox (5.73%)

3. Brazilian Butt Lift (4.5%)

4. SculpSure (3.68%), Facial (3.68%), Facelift (3.68%), Tummy Tuck (3.68%)

5. CoolSculpting (3.27%)

2019 Wedding Trends: Top 3 Most Reviewed Nonsurgical Treatment Categories

1. Non-surgical Fat Reduction (23%)

2. Toxins (15%)

3. Injectable Fillers (14.15%)

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