The Most Popular Self-Care Activities in the United States

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Self-care is extremely important for our mental and physical health, yet it’s something that many of us don’t engage in as often as we’d like to or should. In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, has compiled each state’s most googled self-care activity. Check them out below to see if they compare to your preferred self-care activities.

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Interesting correlations and key findings:

  • The most googled self-care activity in the United States was sleep, which is closely tied to a person’s mental health.

  • Vermont proved to be the state most concerned with mental health as there was a six-way tie among activities (watching a movie, gardening, yoga, baking, mindfulness, and meditation).

  • Florida, Illinois, Maryland, and Massachusetts residents like to treat themselves with the tried-and-true mani-pedi therapy.

  • Minnesotans’ most googled self-care activity is setting boundaries.

  • Mississippi googled “singing” the most as their self-care activity.

  • In Idaho the most googled self-care activity is cleaning.

  • In New York, locals love burning candles for self-care. 

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