The Latest Supplements You Need to Know About

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Dietary supplements are all the rage right now—because most of us don’t get all of the essential vitamins and nutrients we need in our daily diets, they are a natural and convenient way to restore balance in our bodies, boost our immune systems, and so much more.

From multivitamins and probiotics to CBD and sleep aids, with smart daily supplementation you’ll be taking the easiest step to ensure that you look and feel your absolute best. Here, we share some of the latest supplements you need to know about:

Ancient Nutrition Ancient Multi Immune ($54.95)

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Weaving the ancient principles of ancient TCM (Traditional Chinese Method) with body-ready vitamins and minerals, Ancient Multi Immune Support features a potent combination of immune system-supporting super herbs, superfoods, and body-ready vitamins in convenient capsule form. Consists of a blend of 21 vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K in fermented, methylated or coenzymated forms designed to support overall healthy absorption and easy on the body.

Beekeeper’s Naturals B.LXR Brain Fuel ($29.99)

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Optimize your mind with this caffeine-free, nootropic fuel your brain craves to fight brain fog, hack productivity, and naturally support memory, focus, and energy. The innovative, natural formulation of royal jelly, ginkgo biloba, and bacopa monnieri is ideal for high performers looking for a caffeine-free mental boost. A powerful combination of adaptogens and superfoods, each shot of B.LXR has what it takes to invigorate and nourish your brain, so it can perform to the max in any situation.


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This is a 100% Whole Broccoli Sprout supplement encapsulating the two decisive components needed to produce Sulforaphane, the remarkable molecule that underpins the powerful functionality of the body’s robust immune responses. Once swallowed, the reaction between the Myrosinase enzyme and Glucoraphanin compound takes place and Sulforaphane is produced within your body. It’s been scientifically documented that Sulforaphane demonstrates protective effects against ultraviolet (UV)-induced skin damage, and is now considered to be a promising ingredient in upcoming anti-aging drugs and cosmetics. 

Healthycell Bioactive Multi ($49.95)


Bioactive Multi provides you with a broad spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals, plus phytonutrients and botanical antioxidants from premium ingredient sources in highly bioavailable forms. Delivered through a prebiotic Bioactive Gel™ for maximum absorption, it ensures a daily nutrient foundation for optimal health. Features a great tasting natural mixed berry flavor, you can enjoy it right from the gel pack, mix in water, or even add to your favorite smoothie.

Hush & Hush MindYourMind ($65)

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15 years in the making, this is from the first-ever plastic surgeon-formulated luxury nutraceutical line that fuels the body with proprietary-formulated Clean Clinical Vitamins. This melatonin-free, all-natural sleep aid helps instill tranquility for your mind, body and soul. MindYourMind contains a scientific blend of natural sleep aids like tryptophan, valerian root, holy basil leaf, and magnesium to calm the mind and body, and set the stage for a peaceful, restful night.  

Love Wellness timeout CBD Supplement ($22.99)

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The CBD-isolate gel capsule is soothingly formulated with just enough magnesium to change your day in a good way. This gel capsule is made with 100% organic, non-GMO CBD derived from hemp. In addition to the stress-relief benefits CBD provides on its own, the addition of magnesium to Timeout CBD Supplement encourages muscle relaxation and sleep.

Stamba Daily ($65)

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This daily supplement balances energy, boosts immune strength, aids in digestion, reduces inflammation and oxidative stress, and increases sexual function. It features a balanced daily blend of Earth’s most potent superfoods and adaptogens, including: Camu Camu, a natural anti-depressant, immune and respiratory system fortifier; Maca, a stamina tonic that aids in sexual function and vitality; Cacao which supports healthy mood, cell vitality and skin health; Maitake, Chaga and Reishi mushrooms which are immune enhancing, anti-inflammatory and antioxidants; and Maqui Berry, which combats free-radicals in the body.

Sundaily The Base Layer ($39)

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This Valencia orange-flavored gummy helps neutralize free radicals generated by sun exposure with Polypodium leucotomos, an Ecuadorian fern extract backed by decades of research. Which makes supporting smooth, healthy skin delicious and fun—and so easy to make routine. (And it has a boost of vitamin D3—the only vegan form on the market.)

Vitafusion Gorgeous Hair, Skin and Nails Multivitamin ($11.89)


One serving of these delicious gummy vitamins provides 2X the biotin and antioxidant vitamin C, 6X the antioxidant vitamin E, and 12 essential nutrients to support luxurious hair, gorgeous skin and healthy nails. Infused with a delicious and natural raspberry flavor, a specially formulated fusion of 11 essential nutrients help you achieve beauty from the inside out. 

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