The Goddess Braid Trend: Tips from The Braid Queen

We recently chatted with braid expert Tassara Azad, founder of House of Braid, to get the scoop on everything you need to know about Goddess Braids. Tassara, also known as T-SIZ or The Braid Queen (@housofbraid on Instagram), discovered her love for braiding at a young age and turned her passion into a career.

Tassara Azad.

Tassara Azad.

One of the highlights of Goddess Braids is that they look effortlessly cool, but don’t require you to spend a ton of time to style every morning. Celebrities including Cardi B, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera and Kylie Jenner have all been seen sporting the glamorous look.

“Goddess Braids are similar to cornrows, but they are known to be bigger braids, braided close to the scalp, and are used for the most popular hairstyles to date,” explains Tassara. “They are often seen on everyday people, celebrities, and even on the runway.”

braids 1.jpg

She also adds that the braids have gained quite a bit of popularity at music festivals. “The beauty about braids is that there is nothing basic about them,” Tassara shares. “You have the option to glam the braids up by adding colored extensions, strings, jewelry, glitter, etc.” An interesting thing about Goddess Braids is that they were “initially meant to act as a protective style that can last for weeks on end.”

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If you are thinking about getting Goddess Braids, Tassara has a few tips that you should know before your appointment:

  • Start with clean, dry hair.

  • Avoid having product in your hair before the appointment because it will affect your stylist’s grip.

  • Curly-haired clients should either come to their appointment with blow-dried hair or have their stylist blow out their hair so that the braids look clean.

braids 3.jpg

Fun Fact: Tassara provides all of the fun hair accessories for her clients instead of them having to go search for the extensions and accessories on their own. “It’s time to make braids more accessible to everyday people and have it made simple for them,” she says.

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For more amazing braid inspiration, be sure to follow @houseofbraid on Instagram.

[Images courtesy of Tassara Azad]

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