Take a Tour of the Elizabeth Taylor Bungalow at The Beverly Hills Hotel

Bungalow 5’s design is reflective of Elizabeth Taylor’s English roots.

Bungalow 5’s design is reflective of Elizabeth Taylor’s English roots.

Iconic Hollywood star Elizabeth Taylor spent six of her eight honeymoons at The Beverly Hills Hotel, which is currently undergoing a restoration project of its historic bungalows led by Champalimaud Design. In total, 21 bungalows are being redesigned—five of which are distinct legendary bungalows featuring design elements inspired by famous and memorable guests such as Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Howard Hughes, and Charlie Chaplin.

Take a Tour of the Marilyn Monroe Bungalow

During her childhood, Taylor would visit her father’s art gallery, which is located on what is now the Promenade level of the hotel. Later in life, Bungalow 5 became her accommodation of choice when staying at the hotel with Richard Burton. After her death, it was chosen by Taylor’s family as the location for a private memorial service.

Take a Tour of the Frank Sinatra Bungalow

The chic living room with fireplace.

The chic living room with fireplace.

The bungalow’s new design incorporates aspects of Taylor’s life, and includes whimsical elements reflective of her English roots and most celebrated movie roles. The space is both residential and glamorous, featuring special touches such as European furniture, a floral mosaic with English sensibilities, and a horse-head lamp base Egyptian-patterned cabinet. The color blue is present throughout, similar to Taylor’s own home, and touches of gold foil, sparkles and jewel-colored Arnold Scassi-esque draperies convey Hollywood’s regency style.

Take a Tour of the Howard Hughes Bungalow

The one-bedroom bungalow suite (1,310 square-feet) includes a full kitchen, living room with dining area, fireplace and half bath; master suite, full master bath and powder room, a large patio with outdoor seating area, and a private outdoor pool and Jacuzzi. There are also three adjoining bedroom options. It is also outfitted with state-of-the-art technological upgrades, such as light and temperature control panels, and premier Bang Olufsen TVs.

The bungalow includes a private outdoor pool, Jacuzzi, and large patio with outdoor seating.

The bungalow includes a private outdoor pool, Jacuzzi, and large patio with outdoor seating.

Guests staying in the bungalow will also enjoy an array of unique design details inspired by Taylor, including:

  • The door fronts of the TV console were inspired by the Karl Lagerfeld-designed headdress, which Taylor wore at the “Save Venice” masked ball at Ca’Rezzonico in Venice.

  • The color palettes were inspired by Taylor’s own home, which was dressed in hues of blue. Thee use of deep golds, citrine and jewel tones were inspired by her immense jewelry collection.

  • The actress had a deep love for animals, which is a prominent theme that is hinted throughout the suite. She grew up riding horses, and one of her first movie roles was in National Velvet, which is about a young girl who trains a horse and rides him to win the Grand National.

  • The floor of the entryway features a peacock design, which is a symbol of effortless beauty. Like Taylor, they are dignified and graceful.

  • Jewel-like light fixtures that sparkle and shine were selected as an homage to Taylor’s jewelry collection.

The bedroom.

The bedroom.

The Elizabeth Taylor Bungalow (Bungalow 5) costs $9,000 per night. For further details, visit dorchestercollection.com or, for reservations, call 310-276-2251.

The Beverly Hills Hotel is located at 9641 Sunset Boulevard Beverly Hills, CA 90210.

[Images courtesy of The Beverly Hills Hotel]

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