Skin Rejuvenation 101

There are a variety of skin rejuvenation procedures designed to treat a range of skin concerns.

There are a variety of skin rejuvenation procedures designed to treat a range of skin concerns.

The demand for skin resurfacing and rejuvenating procedures has increased over the last decade, with a multitude of procedures that enhance and refresh the appearance of skin without surgery. We chatted with licensed esthetician Elizabeth Lopez of The Spa at South Bay Plastic Surgeons in Torrance, California to learn more about the latest skin rejuvenation practices. The Spa at SBPS offers a wide variety of minimally-invasive and non-surgical solutions for skin care concerns, including advanced laser skin care procedures.

Here, Lopez answers our questions about everything from the most popular skin rejuvenation procedures to recent industry innovations:

Esthetician Elizabeth Lopez.

Esthetician Elizabeth Lopez.

What are some of the most popular skin rejuvenation methods?

Some of the most popular skin rejuvenation methods at our spa are Microneedling with PRP, Laser Resurfacing, Hydrodermabrasion treatments, and chemical peels. Combination treatments like combining fillers with PRP, hydrafacial treatments with Clear + Brilliant, etc. have become increasingly popular. With these combo treatments we can target multiple skin concerns all at once.

What are some of the most recent innovations?

Technology in the beauty industry is always evolving, but something that has created the most buzz would be stem cell technology and growth factors. We use these with skin care products and with some of the treatments that we do. 

What treatments would you recommend for scarring? Wrinkles? Dark spots?

Treatments such as microneedling, laser resurfacing, and chemicals peels are the most effective when treating scars, fine lines, and wrinkles because they cause trauma to the dermis, which will trigger our bodies’ natural defense mechanism—resulting in collagen and elasticity cell regrowth. Laser resurfacing and brightening skin care regimens are best for treating pigmentation. Living in Southern California with beautiful sunny weather, we treat hyperpigmentation every day. It’s an epidemic here!

The Spa at South Bay Plastic Surgeons is a state-of-the-art med spa in Torrance, California.

The Spa at South Bay Plastic Surgeons is a state-of-the-art med spa in Torrance, California.

Who is a candidate for these services?

Many skin types can benefit from these treatments, however, some definite contraindications include rosacea, severe or active acne, pregnant or breastfeeding women, patients with a tendency to form keloid and hypertrophic scars, those with autoimmune or communicable diseases, herpetic infections, and patients that are currently using Accutane. For darker skin-types, lasers can sometimes exacerbate hyperpigmentation. For those patients, microneedling is often a much better alternative.     

Do some treatments require more downtime than others?

All of our treatments vary in downtime. Most patients can expect anywhere from 2-7 days of redness, peeling or some level of discomfort, depending on which procedure is performed. If skin is not prepped properly, there may be side effects such as severe hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation. It’s important before determining what treatment to perform to take into consideration a patient's sun exposure, their ability to follow post-procedure instructions (we believe this is the #1 reason many men don't do skin care treatments), and their skin type.   

Are face peels still popular or are lasers the preferred method for treating the same conditions?

Chemical peels are still very popular and not all people are good candidates for laser treatments. Chemical peels and lasers treat different depths of the skin—some patients need more superficial improvements, while others with more mature skin may need more aggressive treatment, both resulting in slightly different results.

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