Product Review: We Tried 31st State for Guys Inspired by California Living

My husband Nick is definitely not a high-maintenance guy when it comes to men’s grooming products. A little Pantene Pro-V (the classic version) plus a bar of Dove Soap and he's good to go. When I asked him if he was interested in trying and reviewing 31st State, a line of skin and hair and body products for men, I was pleasantly surprised by his enthusiasm. I knew he would give his honest opinion, because if you know him, telling people what he thinks is not something he has a hard time with. I, of course, am the one writing the review based on what he told me. He's actually not a bad writer, but he's the numbers guy in our relationship and I can't let him steal my thunder. Obviously.

31st State is a brand inspired by California—the 31st State in the Union. As a native Californian (Valley girl, to be exact), I'm embarrassed to admit that I had no idea California was the 31st State. Inspired by the beaches, deserts, and forests of California, 31st State promises products that are simple, naturally derived, and that work—they also smell amazing. Do their products live up to their promise? Nick says they do.

The brand is particularly targeted towards teens, but I really believe that men of all ages can benefit and will enjoy using their range. Nick is not a teenager (40 and fabulous) and he seemed to really like their products and definitely had a few favorites. Here's what he loved and why:

2-in-1 Hair & Body Wash ($13.99)

This has become a new staple in our shower and is Nick's favorite product by far. He secretly admitted to me that he sometimes used his regular shampoo as body wash—now he doesn't have to feel bad about it! Convenience is a big factor as is the smell. It's clean and fresh smelling without being overpowering. Scent is important because Nick has a very sensitive sense of smell. He remembers his grandfather’s signature scent as a kid and commented that he wouldn't mind having Pacific Air be his, which is huge coming from him. Note: The scent does not smell like a grandpa. It’s made with silver, which fights bacteria and is a natural disinfectant, along with zinc to control body odor. 2-in-1 products for the win!

Okay, so I might have lied when I said that Nick isn't high-maintenance when it comes to products—at least when it comes to his hair. His current holy grail pomade can only be found in salons and is costs more than $30 (I'm not judging him, he probably doesn't know until reading this that my all-time favorite shampoo costs $55!) Nick has curly hair that he likes to keep short, which is prone to cowlicks. Finding the right hair product is a big deal because it can't be too thick or sticky. When he first tried the 31st State Hair Putty, his immediate reaction was, "I like it" and I knew it passed the test. For $13.99, you can't go wrong for a hair product that smells amazing and does whatever it is that hair putty is supposed to do.

31st State has an entire range of products, including skincare and acne spot treatments. The starter kit, which includes the deodorant and overnight clearing pads, would be the perfect gift for a pre-teen or teenager. Their products are cruelty-free, suitable for vegans, and free from all the bad stuff such as parabens, mineral oil, petrochemicals and Formaldehyde. But most importantly, they're Michiganer-turned-Californian approved.

For more information, visit and follow them on Instagram: @31ststate.

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Tara KP Troszak is an LA-based lawyer, self-proclaimed cat lady, writer and freelance makeup artist for MAC cosmetics. She lives in the San Fernando Valley with her husband Nick and her cat Chevy. Follow her on Instagram: @makeupbytkp.