Monthly Tarotscope: October

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Tarot readings are a powerful form of divination that help you find the answers to your most important questions about love, wealth, career, and more. Tarot cards have been used by fortune tellers and psychics for hundreds of years, and when we consult the Tarot, we are shown the exact spiritual lessons we need to learn and master to live an inspired life and manifest our goals and desires. 

Read on to discover your Tarot reading for the month of October, courtesy of The Squirrel & Stone. Follow her on Instagram at: @thesquirrelandstone

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Aries (March 21-April 20)

Seven of Cups.jpg

Seven of Cups: Sometimes it’s hard to make choices, and we get caught up in analyzing every single nook and cranny. Beware the paralysis by analysis! Yes, there are a lot of “what ifs,” but the more time you spend weighing out the pros and cons, the more time your opportunities can slip away. Take that first step and you’ll figure out the rest.

Taurus (April 21-May 21)


Temperance: Things don’t have to be set in stone. It’s time to face that you have stubborn tendencies and ask yourself if there’s a compromise that you can come to. This is the month to let go and see your situation from multiple angles to find the middle way. Once you start feeling your way through things, rather than forcing it, clarity as well as new inspirations will come to you. Be patient and breathe.

Gemini (May 22-June 21)

Knight of Coins.jpg

Knight of Coins: Do you have investment accounts? Are you watching your budgets? What are you doing to plan for your future? Now is the time to plan and save. The Knight of Coins speaks to being organized and methodical with your finances. Sit down and figure out how to be responsible with them. If you feel like you have a firm grasp, look at what you can do to really push your bank account to the next level.

Cancer (June 22-July 22)

Ten of Wands.jpg

Ten of Wands: You’re taking on too much and it’s weighing you down. Take some time for yourself, delegate to others, prioritize what needs to happen, and let go of what is unnecessary. No one will fault you for taking care of yourself, and frankly, you’ll be useless to others until you do. If you don’t take some time for you, the universe will MAKE you take some time—might as well do things on your own terms!

Leo (July 23-August 23)

Three of Wands.jpg

Three of Wands: Sometimes brute force isn’t the way to go. This month, pay attention to when you have to move with more intention, or take it down a notch and gently execute your efforts. You’ll have some major projects that will require focus, but don’t overthink things! Listen to your gut and get things done. Success is at hand as long as you learn to move with the flow.

Virgo (August 24-September 22)

The Sun.jpg

The Sun: Remember the lazy summer days of your childhood? This month brings back those feelings. Take time to enjoy simple moments that bring you joy. Life tends to whiz by, and sometimes that doesn’t lend itself to enjoying what life has to offer. Slow down, drink some lemonade and smile! Things may have been uncertain and a little dark until now. Enjoy this moment before you have to get back to things.

Libra (September 23-October 22)

Five of Coins.jpg

Five of Coins: There’s always a silver lining. The Five of Coins reminds us that hardships are opportunities for growth as long as you’re open to them. Let’s face it, sometimes things go south (far south), but how you handle adversity defines your success. Don’t let things knock you down! Have a good cry, then look at what you’ve learned and get back up. You’ve got this!

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)


Judgement: Time and time again, we hear that the past makes us who we are. This month challenges you to remember your past, but instead of using it as an excuse for your shortcomings, open your eyes to the bigger lesson that came from your past and use it towards personal growth. It’s time to move towards your higher self.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

Three of Swords.jpg

Three of Swords: There’s no way around it—life comes with awful heartaches. But when they happened, were you really blindsided by them? More times than not, you had a feeling it was coming. Looking beyond the heartbreak and into why you had that gut feeling is what you need to focus on. If you’ve recently lost your job, was it really the right fit for you? Recent breakup? What was lacking to fulfill you? There’s always something to learn.

Capricorn (December 23-January 20)


Death: Things that come to an end are an opportunity for new beginnings. It may be cliché, but that’s the message of the month. The inevitable will come so it’s up to you: Do you use this as a time to transform, or to stay stagnant and continue to do what you’ve always done with the same results? Break out of your old patterns and create the life you deserve!

Aquarius (January 21-February 19)

Six of Cups.jpg

Six of Cups: Have you ever looked at a child watching a butterfly and wished that you could find the joy in simple things? Child-like wonder can and should be a lifelong attribute! When you approach things with curiosity and awe, things come to life. Use this month to take in simple pleasures and find excitement in the small things. Moments of relief from a hectic life are all around, you just need to be open to them.

Pisces (February 20-March 20)

The Empress.jpg

The Empress: Love and motherly protection are the themes of the month. Rest assured the Universe will be with you, gently encouraging you to grow and find your passions. It’s important to be in nurturing environments this month, and maybe find a strong female force to help you along the way. You’ve been doing the work, just know you have someone in your corner.