How To Protect Your Hands During Your Next Gel Manicure

We interview ManiGlovz founder Kim Motola to find out why ManiGlovz are a must-have for protecting your skin during gel manicures.


If you’re putting in the effort to take good care of your skin with facials, sunscreens and skincare creams, you don’t want to forget about your hands. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, hands are a big giveaway of a woman’s age. A lot of women like getting their nails done, but most don’t know that something that seems as simple as getting a gel manicure can contribute to their skin’s aging.

Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Chris Adigun who specializes in nails shared with the American Academy of Dermatology that UVB rays used in gel manicures “do penetrate the skin to damage DNA and collagen, which can lead to premature aging and may increase skin cancer risk.” She adds that LED curing lamps also emit UVA light.


Luckily, you can reduce the risk to your skin’s health when getting a gel manicure thanks to ManiGlovz, which are made with UV 50+ Protective Compression Tricot. We chatted with Kim Motola, Founder and CEO of ManiGlovz, to find out why they’re a must-have when getting gel manicures!

What should women know about the dangers of gel manicures? 

I love gel manicures and did not want to give them up. You can't beat the gorgeous, long-lasting shine of a beautiful gel manicure, and walking out of the salon with your nails totally dry is incredible. But the UV and LED lights used to cure the polish can be both aging and harmful to your skin. Protect your skin!


What inspired the creation of ManiGlovz? 

We know we need to protect ourselves from sun damage, but going that extra step and protecting ourselves from as many UV and LED radiation sources as possible is equally as important. I have always been a fanatic about sunscreen; not just at the beach or pool, but every day. I even apply sunscreen during those little moments—when I’m getting in and out of the car and running errands—to keep wrinkles and age spots at bay and keep my skin safe.  Every time I placed my hands under the UV or LED lights during my beloved  gel manicures I couldn’t help but wonder, is this safe? 

One day while curing the polish under the UV lamp, I could literally feel my hands getting uncomfortably hot and knew that it could not be good for my skin. After months of research, working with a top dermatologist and learning more about the effects of these lamps on the skin (but not wanting to give up my gel manicures), I developed ManiGlovz. I sourced the highest quality UPF 50 + material that would protect over 98 percent of all UV and LED rays to create what I believe is truly an ultra-chic collection of UV protective manicure  and sunblock gloves. 

What has really been the most fun is seeing photos and social media posts from women around the world using their ManiGlovz to protect their hands not just during a gel manicure, but also post-treatment at the dermatologist's office, driving, walking the dog, even playing golf!

How do the ManiGlovz work to protect our hands?

ManiGlovz are made using UPF 50+ UV Protective Compression Tricot (some with hydrating Aloe Vera Microcapsules). That means they block over 98 percent of all UV rays! They’re comprised of a combination of polyester super microfibers and lycra. All the fabrics we source to make ManiGlovz UV Protective Manicure and Sunblock gloves are rigorously tested and rated in accordance with AATCC183, ASTM26544 and ASTM6603—the highest standards for UV fabric testing.


Do you have a favorite ManiGlovz design?

It's so hard for me to choose just one! We have so many fun, unique and beautiful designs, and some really great ones coming out for the holidays! Today, if I had to choose my personal favorite, I’m loving Stained Glass. They're all so colorful, fun and elegant at the same time. I feel happy when I wear them!

To learn more about ManiGlovz, visit their website and follow them on Instagram: @maniglovz

[Top image: Lisa Fotios, ManiGlovz images courtesy of ManiGlovz]