How to Get OPI's Glitter Roller Rink Mani at Rodarte


Rodarte’s latest limited-edition capsule collection was inspired by a 1980s roller rink theme and went all out with models on roller-skates! The collection featured hot pants, leggings, T-shirts, sweatshirts, and dresses with artwork by Mari Eastman, featuring a mix of watercolor moths and kittens. Guests even enjoyed a special performance from 80’s pop-rock royalty, Susanna Hoffs of The Bangles!


Partnering with top manicurist Miss Pop, OPI’s nail team had models rocking bold and sparkly nails, and custom shades of glitter were combined with a high-shine top coat.


“The glitter ombré look for the Rodarte show was inspired by the disco lights at the roller-skating rink and the way they sparkle across the floor,” explains Miss Pop. “With the lights dim, the splash of light and color sets the mood—it’s time to strut, speed, shimmy, and showboat. OPI brought that attitude to the nails—nothing says ‘Go for it!’ quite like glitter.” 


Want to get the nail look? Follow the steps below:

Featured Shades:


Lima Tell You About This Color
I Just Can't Cope-acabana
Gelato On My Mind
Can't Find My Czechbook
Do You Lilac It
Polly Want a Lacquer?
Two Timing the Zones


Step 1: Paint on a coat of O.P.I. Natural Nail Base Coat.

Step 2: Paint two coats of your preferred O.P.I. Pastel, like Gelato On My Mind or Polly Want A Lacquer?

Step 3: Take out your custom glitter O.P.I. Top Coat and give it a good shake to get the glitter flakes going. Then, wipe one side of your brush on the bottle neck to remove extra top coat. This should leave the side of the brush facing you with a bunch of glitter on the tip and a little top coat.

Step 4: Starting at the very bottom of the nail, dab that glitter down by the “U” of your cuticle. Stack it so the glitter is completely covering the rim of your nail.

Step 5: Dunk the brush back in the glitter polish and then, stroke and dab up towards the free edge to fade the glitter. You should stoke up to about three-fourths of your nail.

Tip: The bottom quarter of your nail should be completely covered in glitter. The second quarter should have some glitter. The third quarter should have sparse glitter. The quarter by your free edge should have no glitter.

Step 6: Seal your Rodarte Roller Rink Glitter Mani with O.P.I. Top Coat for even more shine and long wear.


Step 1: You can start with a gently used bottle of O.P.I. Top Coat, or you can pour out into a paper towel 20 percent of a new bottle of Top Coat, or until the middle of the letters O.P.I. Throw the paper towel away.

Tip: Be sure not to pour with the paper towel directly on a surface because it will stick.

Step 2: Cut a strip of plain computer pinter paper or the like into a rectangle about 3" x 5".

Step 3: Roll the paper rectangle at an angle until it forms a cone. Be sure the small opening of the cone is able to fit in the neck of your top coat bottle. Lock in the shape of the cone with a piece of tape.

Step 4: Place cone into the opening of your O.P.I. Top Coat. Pour the cosmetic glitter of your choice into the cone, all the way up to the bottom of the bottle neck. Backstage at Rodarte we used a glitter size .015.

Step 5: Shake it up! And voila—you have custom-blended the sparkliest Top Coat ever.

[Images courtesy of OPI]

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