Dior Institut au Plaza Athénée Celebrates 10 Years With New Luxury Spa Ritual

Dior Institut in Paris was created by Christian Dior and Hôtel Plaza Athénée in 2008.

Dior Institut in Paris was created by Christian Dior and Hôtel Plaza Athénée in 2008.

Iconic designer Christian Dior and Hôtel Plaza Athénée, which is part of the Dorchester Collection, have held a very special relationship for years, located just steps away from one another on prestigious avenue Montaigne in Paris. In 2008, the two legendary addresses formed Dior Institut au Plaza Athénée, a luxury spa that offers cutting-edge beauty treatments.

To celebrate its 10-year anniversary, Dior Institut has created a new luxury spa ritual, “Quintessence 10 Face Treatment,” a 90-minute face-care ritual that reflects the quintessence of its expertise. Designed around 10 exceptional moments, the treatment immerses guests in an exhilarating whirlwind of pleasure and performance, leaving skin plump and toned, refined and illuminated.

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For its 10th anniversary, Dior has created the “Quintessence 10 Face Treatment.”

For its 10th anniversary, Dior has created the “Quintessence 10 Face Treatment.”

The Quintessence 10 Face Treatment consists of the following 10 steps:

1. The Olfactory Ceremony. The treatment begins with the discovery of the House of Dior’s olfactory universe and the selection of a fragrance. This initial sensory immersion will accompany the client throughout their treatment.

2. The Dior Skin Analyzer Diagnosis. The Dior Skin Analyzer, a tool exclusive to Dior, then performs a customized skin diagnosis.

3. Activating Back Massage. The sensory experience begins with an expert back, shoulder and neck massage. It stimulates the circulation of energy and brings about deep relaxation. A sensation of well-being is unleashed throughout the body, all the way to the face.

4. Dior Micro-Abrasion With Sapphire Crystals. The treatment continues with the Dior Micro-Abrasion With Sapphire Crystals, an emblematic technique of the Dior Institut. A vibrating, oscillating head, set with sapphire particles, glides over the skin to exfoliate and to stimulate its regeneration. The skin transformation begins…

5. Infusion of Dior Prestige La Micro-Huile de Rose. The treatment continues with a bath of La Micro-Huile de Rose, activated by photo-stimulation. The epidermis is intensely replenished with all the benefits of this micro-nutritive concentrate.

6. Dior Prestige La Creme Cataplasm. While La Micro-Huile de Rose continues to infuse its micro-nutrients to the heart of the skin, Dior Prestige La Creme wraps it in absolute comfort.

7. Precious Thermo-Active Mask. A damp gauze and a warm mask, whose temperature rises progressively to 38 degrees Celsius, are placed on the cataplasm of Dior Prestige La Creme to form a thermo-active facial cocoon beneath which the skin transformation accelerates.

8. Tissue Massage. Once the mask is removed, the Dior Beauty therapist alternates between deep and more enveloping movements. Muscles and facial features relax and the tissues appear drained and decongested.

9. Panoramic Eye Massage. Using smoothing massages and targeted pressure points, the transformation spreads across the entire eye area: muscle tensions melt away and the eyes open up. The brightened eyes recover their serenity.

10. Dior Makeup in a Flash. The skin transformation is then exquisitely enhanced with a light touch of makeup.

The 90-minute treatment costs €330/$373. For more information, visit the spa’s website and follow the hotel on Instagram: @plaza_athenee

[Images courtesy of Dior Institute au Plaza Athénée]

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