Create Customizable Shampoo and Conditioner With Function of Beauty

Function of Beauty is redefining beauty by tailoring products around people and their needs.

Function of Beauty is redefining beauty by tailoring products around people and their needs.

These days we’re all about customization—from personalized Coca-Cola bottles to bespoke beauty products, having a hand in the creation process is the ultimate way to put your own unique stamp on everything from shampoo to lipstick. One brand we’re currently obsessing over is Function of Beauty, which empowers users by enabling them to customize shampoo and conditioner according to hair care needs, fragrance, and more. They also make the perfect gift for any special occasion!

We chatted with Function of Beauty Founder and CEO, Zahir Dossa, who gives us the inside scoop on the unique beauty brand:

What inspired the creation of Function of Beauty?

Historically, beauty companies have positioned themselves as the authority on people’s hair, when in fact, customers know their hair better than anyone else. That’s why we set out to redefine ‘beauty’ by tailoring products around people and their needs, rather than the other way around.

Why is it named Function of Beauty?

Function of Beauty branding is actually not found on any of our products, as each one is instead seen as a function of the individual who created it. Everything from the bottles and packaging to the online experience is all branded around our customers. Our mission is to celebrate every person’s unique beauty, so your shampoo and conditioner is a function of you, rather than a branded, conventional product.

All orders include shampoo, conditioner and two pumps.

All orders include shampoo, conditioner and two pumps.

Tell us more about the customization process.

We start with a crazy sophisticated algorithm that can create over 27 trillion formulations for shampoo and conditioner based on your unique hair type, goals and preferences. We’ve actually sold over one million bottles and have yet to fill the same formulation twice.

The customization process starts first with our hair quiz, which helps you build your individual “hair profile” by defining your unique hair type, structure and moisture level. From there, you can select up to 5 of 18 hair goals, which include everything from added volume and color protection to oil control. We’ve also recently added the new “reduce brassiness” goal to the list, which results in a purple toning shampoo for those who lighten their hair. Finally, we let you choose the colors, fragrance, and the name of your formula, making for a fun and truly customizable hair care experience.

Any plans to expand your line?

Yes! We’re excited to announce that we’ll be expanding our line of products in February 2019 with the launch of our new Leave-In Treatment. When we looked into expanding beyond shampoo and conditioner, a customized leave-in product was our first priority. The current options on the market tend to be very one-size-fits-all, focusing on just one specific hair concern, whether it be a heat protection spray or a curl-defining serum. Our customizable product, however, will be able to cover all of the diverse hair needs that Function of Beauty currently offers, like hydration, oil control and volume, so that customers can continue to make the most of their individual hair care routine.

For more information and to customize your own hair care products, visit the brand’s website and follow them on Instagram: @functionofbeauty

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