Celebrity Stylist Marco Pelusi Shares the Hottest Men's Hairstyles for Winter 2019


Winter is here and so is the new year! To keep you on top of the hottest men’s hairstyle trends, we spoke with celebrity hairstylist Marco Pelusi. Here, he shares his top hair tips for the guys:

One of the hottest haircuts for men this season is super short and shaved tight on the sides of the head, while remaining pretty long on top. “The top can be worn either slicked back, or can just be loose and tousled— even wavy or curly!” says Pelusi. It’s a hot look. I’m wearing it myself!”

To maintain this look, Pelusi suggests using a great product cocktail like Marco Anti Frizz Leave In Conditioner first, and then a layer of Marco Color Control Gel. “It’s important to control any unwanted frizz with a light leave in, and then also to shape and mold the hair with gel,” he shares.


 Another great haircut for men is the old school style—parted on the side and combed carefully off to the side. “Think an old-school, original GQ, conservative corporate look,” explains Pelusi. “This look started back when Mad Men was on the air, and hasn’t left us yet.”

A great styling tool for this look is Marco Color Control Gel— you need a lot of hold to maintain this look, as you’ll want your hair worn neatly and close to your head, slicked down smooth with the gel product. Another option to finish this look is to add a few spritzes of Marco Color Guard Hairspray.

Finally, a little dash of hair color never hurts. “As long as it’s not too obvious,” says Pelusi. “More and more guys are getting coloring these days; they just aren’t really ready to talk about it yet.” He reveals that a quick and easy option to request from your stylist is demi-color, a category of hair color that is not permanent and doesn’t contain any ammonia.

“It will blend away any unwanted gray hair without leaving a line of demarcation, so no one can tell if the guy has colored his hair,” Pelusi points out. He reminds us that it’s important to always use a color-safe shampoo, such as Marco Color Health Shampoo, to help upkeep your new ‘do.