Behind the Brand: Cake Bams Are Delicious and Healthy Handcrafted Snacks

Cake Bams are a healthier, tasty snack alternative to traditional sweets.

Cake Bams are a healthier, tasty snack alternative to traditional sweets.

Whether you’re a looking for a healthy snack that can be consumed on-the-go to an afternoon pick-me-up that will help you keep going during the long work day, Cake Bams is a line of artfully crafted rice cakes that are anything but basic. Available in an array of fun flavors such as Birthday Erry Day and Love You Matcha, these tasty treats are dipped and decorated with gourmet toppings and frostings—making them the perfect snack when you’re craving a cupcake or other baked good but without the extra calories.

The brand was recently acquired by Christine Demirtshian, a former medical aesthetician with a passion for beauty and wellness. We chatted with Demirtshian, who shared what customers love about Cake Bams, future goals for the brand, and more.

What made you decide to get involved with Cake Bams?

I come from a family that owned restaurants my whole life and food is something that I grew up with. As I got older, I became passionate about beauty and decided to get into the health, wellness, and aesthetics industry. I’ve always been super entrepreneurial and when the opportunity came up to acquire Cake Bams, it seemed like the perfect combination to me of beauty and food—the two industries I love.

What were you doing prior to Cake Bams?

I have always been in the food industry with my family. I have also personally branched out on my own and own and operate a few restaurants like Slater’s 50/50 in Hermosa Beach that so many people know and love. I was also a very successful medical aesthetician in Beverly Hills for one of the top celebrity dermatologists.

Christine Demirtshian.

Christine Demirtshian.

What’s the meaning behind the name?

Cake Bams is the name the founder created that has significance to her. To me, it means something different altogether. It’s a quick and easy dessert with cupcake, cookie, and cake roots—but at a fraction of the guilt and calories.

What changes have you made to the brand and what are your goals?

The brand was pretty solid before I even acquired it, so I’ve been pretty lucky with that. We are currently in the process of developing more vegan flavors, which is always a question we get from our client base. We are also looking to expand our product line and get into more rice-based products that we are known and loved for—like Rice Crispy Treats in a lot of the fun and delicious flavors!

What are the different products that you offer?

We currently have our core offerings of dessert rice cakes, and always come out with amazing seasonal and holiday flavors that are always fun and tasty. We are currently working on a rice crispy treat line that stays true to our rice cake roots, which we are so excited to launch early next year.

What makes Cake Bams a healthier snack alternative?

We are low calorie and a perfect dessert alternative that satisfies cravings. We are also a great breakfast option or perfect for mid-day pick-me-up snack. Every one of our cakes is handmade and we know we put nothing but the best ingredients into our products. We offer enough variety with our core flavors to satisfy any sweet tooth and taste bud. Our customers love the fact that we are gluten-free and offer vegan options. They also love the unexpected taste, flavor, and satisfaction they get from every bite!

Cake Bams are handcrafted in Los Angeles and immediately packaged for maximum freshness.

Cake Bams are handcrafted in Los Angeles and immediately packaged for maximum freshness.

Where are Cake Bams available for purchase?

All Cake Bams products are sold online at and in health food stores all along the coast of California, including select Whole Foods, Mrs. Winston’s Green Grocery, as well as Vintage Grocers. They can also be found in some stores in New York and New Jersey—they are even available in Europe and have already been introduced to the Canadian market.

What’s next for the brand?

We just recently got picked up by Petit Ermitage in West Hollywood and are in every single one of their hotel rooms when you check in. We are so thrilled to be a part of such an epic hotel group like theirs. We can’t wait to be introduced as a brand to travelers across the world that check-in and have an opportunity to try our products that maybe didn’t have the chance to before.

A package of 12 individually wrapped Cake Bams costs $34.95. For more information and to purchase, visit and follow them on Instagram: @cakebams

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