#BeautyBosses: Eric Layton and Michael Wong, Founders of Fivesso

Michael Wong and Eric Layton.

Michael Wong and Eric Layton.

This week’s #BeautyBosses are Eric Layton and Michael Wong, Founders of Fivesso—a line of high-quality, organic coffee skincare products. Frustrated by the lack of truly natural bath and body products on the market, they decided to create their own using organic coffee as the flagship ingredient. After two years of continuous research, the duo released a line of organic coffee soap bars and coffee scrubs as the first stepping stone to spreading natural skincare awareness.

Inspired by the many benefits of organic coffee and its taste, Fivesso offers a unique range of coffee skincare products made with the most effective organic ingredients sourced directly from nature. We spoke with Layton and Wong, who shared secrets to success, best advice, favorite ways to relax, and more. 

When was Fivesso founded and what does the name mean?

Fivesso was founded in 2015. We came up with our name after we realized we use five organic oils in our soaps and body scrubs, so we combined the word “five” and the word “espresso” (after our flagship ingredient to represent organic coffee that we use). Combining these two words makes “Fivesso.”

What inspired the creation of the brand?

Michael was inspired due to his skincare issues during his childhood. He used to bathe in a coffee bath with olive oil to help with extremely dry skin. Eric was inspired to make soaps because he is a supporter of natural products, especially the products that we use daily. What drove us to kickstart this mission was our love for good quality, natural skincare products plus our common love for good quality coffee. That is why our flagship common ingredient for all our products as our base is fair trade certified, single sourced, organic coffee.

Does Fivesso have a hero product?

Our two flagship products or hero products are the Fivesso Activated Charcoal Organic Coffee Soap and the Lavender Organic Coffee Soap.

What are your favorite products from your brand?

Eric: I absolutely love the Activated Charcoal Organic Coffee Soap Bar. I enjoy the scent and it’s our softest bar. 

Michael: I love our Organic Coffee Peppermint Body Scrub and our Organic Coffee Peppermint Soap—it‘s very refreshing and wakes me up in the morning during a hot shower.  

Where are your products sold?

Our website, Etsy, a local boutique spa in South Florida, and Lucky’s Market in Florida.

fivesso has created a unique lineup of coffee skincare products by bringing the most effective organic ingredients from nature directly to the consumer.

fivesso has created a unique lineup of coffee skincare products by bringing the most effective organic ingredients from nature directly to the consumer.

Who inspires you?

Eric: I’m inspired by many people, including Elon Musk (his drive with entrepreneurship) and probably every soap maker out there who makes great soap. I’m really inspired by videos I see online of Mom-and-Pop stores or local soap makers coming up with new scents and new ingredients. 

Michael: I’m inspired by my parents, who are dedicated, hard, and smart workers who migrated to two different countries, started from nothing (twice), barely knowing the language, and with no high school degree. They still ended up doing amazingly well for themselves and successfully owned more than five restaurant businesses.

Secrets to success?

Eric: Perseverance and to keep going. So many times over the past few years I got frustrated with something, but I always took a step back, took a deep breath, and kept going. Don’t give up when there could be another solution to a problem. 

Michael: Build a good supporting team or cast around you, whether it’s professionally or in your personal life.

Beauty secrets?

Eric: Moisturizing the skin with the best lotion and humectants (ingredients and products that can help moisturize the skin). 

Michael: Drink a lot of water. This is a must—and avoid fried food. If you must have fried food, air fry it!  

Wellness tips?

Eric: Exactly what Michael said, plus stay hydrated to help with overall wellness. And exercise several times a week. 

Michael: Having good skin is not just about having an amazing product. It’s a balance of a good lifestyle with fitness, great food balance, and mental wellness. It takes time and work. You owe it to yourself to do that.

Best advice?

Eric: Every day I try to do something different and I try to be as productive as possible. I ask myself, “What can I accomplish today?” even if seems like a small task, like finishing a book I’m reading. 

Michael: Be the best version of yourself every day. Whether it’s at work, what you do as a hobby, in a situation, or in a relationship. No one can stop you from doing that—that is how you know you are in control of your life to the best ability.

Favorite way to relax?

Eric: I love just sitting back on my deck or relaxing with a cup of coffee with a good book to read!

Michael: My version of relaxing is clearing my head. So I spend time reading and having coffee or playing basketball. 

For more information, visit Fivesso’s website and follow them on Instagram: @fivesso

[Images courtesy of Fivesso]

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