#BeautyBoss: Sophie Guillon, CEO of Valmont Cosmetics

Sophie Guillon.

Sophie Guillon.

This week’s #BeautyBoss is Sophie Guillon, CEO of Valmont Cosmetics. Along with her husband Didier Guillon, President and Artistic Director of the Valmont Group, Guillon has succeeded in making Valmont a true pioneer in the cosmetics and skin care market thanks to her technical expertise and ongoing quest for innovation.

As a brand, Valmont is a luxury Swiss skin care leader in cell cosmetics, conceiving and producing professional products and services that combat all the signs of aging on the face and body. The Valmont Group consists of four different brands dedicated to high-end beauty:

The company also has a series of boutiques, La Maison Valmont, in locations around the world ranging from Paris to Tokyo, which retail Valmont’s different brands and offer customers a dedicated space to discover and experience products for their skin care needs. In addition, signature Valmont treatments are offered at exclusive spas around the world, from Hotel Bel-Air to Plaza Athénée Hotel.

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We chatted with Guillon, who shared her sources of inspiration, favorite Valmont products, wellness and beauty tips, and more:

When was Valmont founded and what inspired its creation?

Valmont was founded in 1984. Its creation was inspired by the wave of Swiss cellular cosmetics launching at the same time as La Prairie and other cellular cosmetic brands.

Tell us more about your role and some of your responsibilities.

I am a “source” President, meaning the concepts and development of brands, lines, and products stem from my creativity. The whole company here in Switzerland is very tuned-in to products development and operations. I remain very close to the scientific part and the heart of the products at the core of their soul.

Does Valmont have a hero product?

Prime Renewing Pack, which I had reformulated from its original version to a lightweight yet unctuous instant Photoshop in a jar!

What are your favorite products from Valmont?

Prime Renewing Pack, Time Master Intensive Program (a mix of all intensive treatments from our spa collection), and L’Elixir Des Glaciers Votre Visage.

Where are your products sold?

In major department stores like Saks Fifth Avenue, exclusive hotels or palaces, and in high-end beauty salons. We are now opening our own Maison Valmont stores and we have great projects in Paris. 

Prime Renewing Pack is a rich mask that gives skin the same results as a great night of sleep.

Prime Renewing Pack is a rich mask that gives skin the same results as a great night of sleep.

Who inspires you?

I take a lot of inspiration from looking at women in airports or hotels. I’m also very interested in new active ingredients and looking to integrate them into new skin care.

Secrets to success?

At Valmont, we combine the most impactful and innovative ingredients into contemporary concepts. Back in 2007, we created AWF Anti-Wrinkle Factor to give an index to the state of wrinkles according to their depths and volume. And in our slimming products we found an ingredient that can deviate the evolution of the cell to become a fibroblast rather than a pre-adipocyte. Also, we captured oxygen-in-a-cream to “re-inflate” the tissues of the skin (Detox O2) from the inside. Also, the five-minute photoshop creamy mask: Prime Renewing Pack.

Beauty secrets?

Passion for my work. A time dedicated to my beauty routine every morning and evening. Sleep properly and drink water all day long.

Wellness tip?

I take the time to apply the Valmont masks (several times per week) and oblige myself to relax. I exercise a minimum of two times a week: yoga is excellent for the body and mind, and it stretches all relevant muscles. 

Best advice?

Don’t be afraid, just go! Solutions will define while moving. If you remain sitting and contemplating, worries just spiral up but no solutions will come out!

How do you like to relax?

I combine time with my family and we share creative activities—it’s always so fun! I love creating flower compositions, painting, and creating jewels. I also enjoy going on golf and yoga trips.

For more information and to purchase, visit valmontcosmetics.com and follow the brand on Instagram: @valmontcosmetics

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