#BeautyBoss: Sebastien Tardif, Founder of Veil Cosmetics

Sebastien Tardif

Sebastien Tardif

I recently met up with Sebastien Tardif, the founder of Veil Cosmetics at The Makeup Show LA in downtown Los Angeles, where we got a chance to sit down and chat all things beauty. He even gave me a personal lesson on how to use his Complexion Fix Concealer! His talent, enthusiasm and love of makeup were apparent from the moment I met him. I asked him to share his story and some of his secrets. Here’s what he had to say: 

What inspired the creation of Veil Cosmetics?

Over the course of my career as a pro makeup artist, I built my reputation around creating a flawless complexion and naturally glowing skin. By calling my brand Veil, I wanted to clearly define it as the go-to brand for a naturally fresh-looking complexion, while using makeup that doesn’t wear you down and mask your skin. Veil is all about weightless beauty.

How long have you been in business?

Veil Cosmetics was launched In September 2012 at New York Fashion Week.

Veil’s hero product? 

All Veil products are complexion-focused, multi-tasking, and infused with skin care benefits: brightening, hydrating and soothing. They are all my hero products, but the newly born AutoMatte Mattifying Base & Touch-Up Makeup is creating quite a stir amongst the pro artist community, aestheticians and skin lovers alike. It is redefining what we all usually refer to as a matte complexion; instead of the usual chalky, dry-looking skin, it leaves the complexion looking velvety and feeling as smooth as a baby’s bum.

AutoMatte is a powerful skin conditioner and mattifier suitable for all skin types that instantly diminishes the appearance of pores and fine lines. It can be used before makeup application or without makeup to prevent oil buildup and excess shine while managing sebum production. As a touch-up, simply stipple over makeup to keep the latter intact using the provided sponge or your fingers. Or simply dab some more over naked skin when spotting excess shine. It’s powderless and colorless, making it a universal product for all skin tones.

Who is your inspiration?

I'm inspired by my friends within the beauty community: pro artists, business owners, influencers. We regularly see each other at trade shows and beauty events, and we like to compare notes and share stories (good and bad).

Secret to success? 

Passion and remaining quick on your feet to adapt to change.

Beauty secrets? 

They wouldn’t be secrets if revealed...

Wellness tip? 

When I have morning business meetings or early events, I like to wake up at least three hours ahead of time and run for a half hour, which helps me look awake and gives me time to de-puff.

Best advice? 

Never take “no” for an answer, but take it more like a “not now.”

Veil products are sold online at veilcosmetics.com, Amazon and a variety of e-tailers, spas, salons and boutiques.

[Image courtesy of Veil Cosmetics]