#BeautyBoss: Kat Rudu, Founder of Kát Rudu Skincare

Kat Rudu.

Kat Rudu.

This week’s #BeautyBoss is skin care expert Kat Rudu, founder of Kát Rudu Skincare and Kát Rudu Skin Studio. Based in Venice, California, Kat’s natural botanical skin care collection is 100% cruelty-free and rich in plant-peptides, sea algae, vegan hyaluronic acid, and plant-based ingredients. Rudu is a favorite among celebrities, including Jenna Dewan and Eva Mendes, who have raved about Rudu’s facials and products.

Actress Kate Beckinsale even once said, “A facial with Kat is like sending your face on vacation for two weeks, finding it a boyfriend, and buying it a really great dinner...she is the absolute best at what she does.” We caught up with Rudu to learn more about her background, best advice, and more:

What led you to get into the beauty industry?

Since I can remember, the beauty business fascinated me at a young age. And of course my mom was my skin guru ever since I was 4-years-old. She made organic plant-based elixirs out of anything she could get her hands on. While growing up I to began to play with teas, flowers, plants, baking soda, and natural granulated beads to make exfoliation scrubs, masks, and tonics. I fell in love then and it’s still my whole life today. I love seeing a client light up after a treatment almost with tears in their eyes—it’s true beauty in that moment. 


Tell us about the launch of your Kát Rudu skin care collection.

My dream, KÁT RUDU, Pure Biotic Skincare, launched in 2014. It was a soft launch—nobody knew about me. I had to email, send packages, and knock on doors for people to try my line. I was declined by many. But I got lucky when I met the most incredible person, Stacey Lindsay March, who believed in me and was by my side for two years. Without her I wouldn't be where I am today. I had so many days I wanted to give up but I made it!


Do you have a hero product?

My hero product is Sanctuary Glow CBD Serum. It’s brand-new and I’m so excited about it—people are seeing great results. My Iconic Liquid Lift Peptides Serum is also my long-time hero product—it recently had a makeover and will be back in stock mid-May. My Coco Honey Papaya Enzymes Cleanser is also one of my stars. 

Where are your products sold?

My line is available at Ron Robinson, Erewhon Natural Markets, Knockout Beauty (NYC), Logan Hollowell, and online. I wanted the first couple of years of distribution to be direct-to-consumer in order to build trust and form a real relationship with them. There are so many brands out there, and I know it’s hard for a customer to pick just one. People instantly decide if they like a product: First it’s attraction, then you try it to see if all that it says does really work! Finally comes marriage—you fall in love. I want everyone to fall in love with my creation. Get ready for big things! 

What are your must-do skin care tips?

I never ever go to sleep without doing my routine which includes three glasses of water, detox tea, applying my Kát Rudu Serums, and massaging my face. I have eight steps—my friends think I’m insane! In the morning I drink collagen liquid and take probiotics. Chlorophyll is also one of my favorite supplements. 

Any other beauty secrets you can share?

Drink water all day!!! And don’t touch your face—your hands have so much bacteria on them! You don’t want to know...Google it. 

Who inspires you?

I’m inspired by so many women, I can’t choose just one! But I will say, only hang out with people that are kind, honest, and truly happy for you. I think success is sexy, so any woman that is doing something is inspiring to me. 

Secret to success?

My secret to success is find your passion; successful people are from passion. 

Best advice for finding beauty in a bottle?

Look at the overall company and who is behind it. Sometimes it’s not what’s in the bottle, but the vision, imagination, and passion behind it. That is true beauty.

For more information, visit katrudu.com and follow the brand on Instagram: @katrudu

[Images courtesy of Kát Rudu]


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