#BeautyBoss: Joanna Vargas, Founder of Joanna Vargas Skin Care

Joanna Vargas.

Joanna Vargas.

This week’s #BeautyBoss is Joanna Vargas, celebrity esthetician and founder of Joanna Vargas Skincare—a line of clean products that reflect her unique combination of technique, technology, and all-natural ingredients formulated to purify and beautify. Known for her powerhouse facials that refine and reshape, Vargas has been dubbed the “Queen of the naturopathic facial” and many of her treatments are a favorite among Hollywood stars before they walk the red carpet.

SPA PROFILE: The Spa by Joanna Vargas at the Sunset Tower & Joanna Vargas Salon in NYC

Vargas also owns Joanna Vargas Salon in New York City and The Spa by Joanna Vargas at The Sunset Tower, where she offers the latest skincare facials and body treatments, in addition to cutting-edge technologies such as LED light beds, radio frequency and microcurrent machines. We chatted with the esthetician and skincare brand founder, who shared beauty and wellness tips, favorite ways to relax, and more.

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When did Joanna Vargas Skin Care launch?

I launched my first salon in 2006 and my skincare collection in 2011.

What inspired the creation of Joanna Vargas Skin Care?

It all started with facials when I created my first salon with my husband in 2006. I wanted the facials to be so special that my clients would leave their treatments feeling so happy that they would tell their friends about it. My focus was using beauty technology and results-driven treatments. As I created the skincare line, I wanted my products to be luxurious in experience and for clients to feel like they were getting a piece of my services with every use. Results, of course, were my goal with every formula. 

Tell us more about your line. Do you have a hero product?

I would say my all-natural, organic Daily Serum, which is inspired by my love of green juices for the skin, is a hero product. It contains oat grass juice for the lymphatic system, chlorophyll for oxygenation, vitamins A, C, E, and F found in leafy greens; and hyaluronic acid, which holds 1,000 times its weight in water. My favorite ingredient is galactoarabinan, derived from the larch tree, which causes more cell turnover than a glycolic but it’s also anti-inflammatory so it doesn't cause irritation, even in sensitive skin. It's the top-selling product in my salon because it works for everyone and it’s my secret weapon for dull skin.

What’s your favorite product from your line?

My Daily Serum is a favorite because it’s packed with vital greens and is inspired by my love of green juicing.

Where are your products sold?

FreePeople.com, JoannaVargas.com, Net-A-Porter.com, Nordstrom.com, NeimanMarcus.com, Revolve.com and VioletGrey.com.

Joanna Vargas Daily Serum.

Joanna Vargas Daily Serum.

Who inspires you?

My grandma was very influential in pointing my attention towards the beauty industry in general. She was beauty-obsessed and glamorous. She let me do her makeup and hair all the time. All of my gifts from her were bubble bath products, cream, and beautiful perfume. Her advice was to appreciate the skin you’re in.

Secrets to success?

I created treatments and products that show real results to everyone. I can stand behind everything that I have done and I think being authentic is something that all my clients can feel.

Beauty secrets?

Take five minutes in the morning and at night for your own beauty ritual. In the morning, dry brushing before a shower and spending a few minutes massaging the face while applying your products will go a long way to making you look and feel great.

Wellness tip?

Give up alcohol. It’s bad for your collagen and creates inflammation.

Best advice?

Never stop learning. The best thing that I have done for myself in my career is continue to educate myself. I have always made time to read new books, research new tools and new technologies, and most importantly, I never think I know it all! I have always kept myself in the know when it comes to new technologies in my industry, which keeps clients happy with my work, but I like this rule because it can apply to every part of life. 

Also, surround yourself with the right people. I have been lucky enough to have met some amazing and inspiring women over the years. I have a very tight-knit group of friends who are all CEOs in fashion and beauty that I turn to for advice or when I need someone to vent to. It's great because we all understand where we are all at in our careers. I hire women in a similar way that I choose friends—I hire women I respect, admire, and can learn from who really want to learn and grow themselves. 

Favorite way to relax?

I love to read, paint, and play the piano.

For more information and to subscribe, visit the brand’s website and follow them on Instagram: @jvskincare

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