#BeautyBoss: Evelyn Ginossi, Founder of Marine + Vine

Evelyn Ginossi.

Evelyn Ginossi.

This week’s #BeautyBoss is Evelyn Ginossi, Founder of Marine + Vine—a body care line that blends the Southern California beach lifestyle with the beauty, tradition, and romance of the South of France using fine ingredients with a sensorial experience. Known for its signature Tahitian Oil, the brand sources high-quality clean ingredients with fragrance developed in the South of France, and is focused on creating naturally hydrating and nourishing products with a bend of nutrient-dense ingredients that are high in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, minus the toxic chemicals.

We spoke with Ginossi, who shared her favorite beauty and wellness tips, the inspiration behind the brand, best advice, and more. 

When was Marine + Vine founded and what does the name mean?

We first launched at the end of January 2019, so we’re less than a year old and growing rapidly. The name Marine + Vine has a personal significance as it’s the coming together of my two biggest sources of inspiration: the beaches of Southern California where I’m from (Marine) and the vineyards and natural elements of the South of France (Vine).  

What inspired the creation of the brand?

At a crossroads in my life, I moved to London on my own in search of a change. During my first year I traveled down to the South of France for the first time. I fell in love instantly with so many different parts of it that I started spending a significant amount of time there every summer. It was in the South of France that I became an avid learner of fragrance, body care, and a whole host of ingredients I wanted to introduce to the U.S. with a distinct Southern California point of view.  

Does Marine + Vine have a hero product?

Tahitian Oil is our hero product and our #1 sku. It embodies my true loves in one concept: fragrance, exotic ingredients, fine packaging, and classic design. I started with monoi oil, as it’s a classic French Polynesian ingredient that is an essential skin moisturizer in the South of France each summer. Tahitian Oil can be used to nourish skin year-round, but my favorite time to use it is post-shower after a day in the sun, which happens quite frequently for me between time in L.A. or the South of France.   

What are your favorite products from your brand?

Tahitian Oil will always be first in my heart because it was my dream come to life. That being said, I’m in the final stages of developing our second product, Tahitian Balm, and I adore the way it feels on my skin. I’ve become obsessed with massaging it into my arms and legs while watching Netflix every night.  

Where are your products sold?

I’m proud of the select premium retailers around the world carrying Tahitian Oil. It’s an absolute dream. In Los Angeles, we are at the two finest hotels: The Spa at Four Seasons Los Angeles (Beverly Hills) and at Exxibit in the Mondrian in West Hollywood. Most recently, we’ve been added to the collections at Free Shop in Mykonos and at Comptoir 102 in Dubai and I couldn’t be happier.   

Marine + Vine Tahitian Oil ($62) features carefully blended potent Tahitian monoi with the perfect balance of kukui, macadamia, and passionfruit oils.

Marine + Vine Tahitian Oil ($62) features carefully blended potent Tahitian monoi with the perfect balance of kukui, macadamia, and passionfruit oils.

Who inspires you?

In my first year of high school we were asked to read a historical book and write a 10-page report for history class, and I wrote about Coco Chanel. I remember having to justify my decision to my history teacher, since I was the only person to write about such an “unconventional” figure—not a political leader or an event—but that was the whole point of it to me. Chanel was a risk-taker, resourceful, and determined, who revolutionized not only fashion but fragrance as well. All these years later, she’s still a big source of inspiration. 

Secrets to success?

In 2008, I was a real estate attorney and was laid off after the real estate market crashed and the big recession. Ultimately, I persevered and began working on a whole host of new skill sets that would change my life, particularly in my work helping a wide array of business owners bring their creative masterpieces to life.  Over a decade later, I have a new business and all the little pieces from my past are fitting together, which I take as evidence that I’m on the right path. About a year ago someone described me as having a lot of “grit” after hearing my story. I had never described myself in that term, but it fit. 

Beauty secrets?

For me, fragrance is everything and can be a woman’s best-kept secret. When worn discretely, it can be that final subtle boost of confidence. Every woman should have a signature fragrance, no matter how simple or complex, to elevate her self-expression on a daily basis. Scent is powerful and conveys feelings, memories, and ideals. This is why Tahitian Oil is a fragranced body oil. It’s part of the overall experience, meant to take you back to that feeling on your last vacation, no matter when you use it.      

Wellness tips?

Take care of your body as you would your face. The bulk of our beauty routines are often focused on our faces, but the skin on our décolletage, hands, and arms are just as prone to signs of aging and should be treated with the same amount of care. Taking the time to smooth on a rich body oil or body balm also has a calming effect—it forces you to slow down for a moment and to pay attention to yourself.   

Best advice?

I love reading founder stories and I always seem to pick out the common thread of “never giving up.” It’s always the most difficult in practice, but the greatest satisfaction professionally comes from persevering and not giving up. 

Favorite way to relax?

There is a tea that I buy in bulk when I’m in France that is a mixture of linden, lavender, and chamomile (among other leaves), and is great at the end of a long day or while I’m working late.   

For more information, visit Marine + Vine’s website and follow them on Instagram: @marineandvine

[Images courtesy of Marine + Vine]

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