#BeautyBoss: Dr. Shuting Hu, Founder of Acaderma

Dr. Shuting Hu.

Dr. Shuting Hu.

This week’s #BeautyBoss is Dr. Shuting Hu, Founder of Acaderma—a line of skin care based on rigorous academic research and rooted in science that is setting a new standard for clean beauty. Hu is one of the youngest cosmetic scientists awarded by The International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists and incubated by the Sephora Accelerate 2018 Program. Acaderma goes deeper to understand the science behind the healing properties of botanicals and extract the essential elements to develop next-generation, patented skin care technologies.

Hu has searched the world for novel and natural alternatives to toxic chemicals, and one of the exclusive active ingredients found in Acaderma is a plant called Kinkeliba, which is a plant that grows in the sub-Saharan region of West Africa and has been discovered to offer great soothing and hydration benefits for the skin. After years of intense research, Acaderma’s scientific team extracted the patented Seh-Haw EX™ from kinkeliba, creating a product that can protect and repair the skin’s outermost barrier, making them the first and only skincare company to use Kinkeliba and its active anti-inflammatory property.

We spoke with Hu, who shared her favorite beauty and wellness tips, the inspiration behind the brand, best advice, and more. 

When was Acaderma founded and what does the name mean?

Acaderma was founded in 2018. The name “Acaderma” means advanced skin care solution powered by academic research.

What inspired the creation of the brand?

I was inspired to create the brand from my time studying skin biology and its interaction with natural compounds. Over time I had published a dozen peer-reviewed scientific papers, discovered a series of amazing plants, and found its great soothing and hydration benefits to the skin. I wanted to translate my work into a physical product that best represented all my years of research.

Does Acaderma have a hero product?

Our hero product is the Oasis Barrier Booster. It’s a serum that soothes and replenishes dehydrated skin, while also strengthening the skin’s barrier and providing anti-inflammatory benefits that help with redness of skin.

What are your favorite products from your brand?

My favorite product would have to the Oasis Barrier Booster—not just for its skin benefits, but because this product is helping the local community as well. This serum is powered by exclusive ingredients SeH-Haw EX, which is extracted from kinkeliba, a traditional local tea in the sub-Sahara region of Africa. Our work with the local African NGO has allowed us to work to establish a sustainable green material development platform.

By exploring botanical sources with potential health benefits, we seek to use traditional plants in new ways—to give them new purpose and economic value. The African local NGO is so great because they work very hard to provide education in farming skills to local women and help them get long-term and stable economic income.

Where are your products sold?

We sell through our website, Amazon, and within select dermatologist clinics.

Acaderma is a line of clean skincare products rooted in science and based on rigorous academic research.

Acaderma is a line of clean skincare products rooted in science and based on rigorous academic research.

Who inspires you?

I’m inspired by my PhD supervisor, a plant biologist who has discovered plant resources worldwide. His work in Africa inspired and encouraged me to be an entrepreneur, and from there I was inspired to develop a way to use my knowledge in science and beauty to impact the beauty industry.

Secret to success?

Don’t give up. The most successful people are those who continue to strive for what they’re passionate
about and they have the drive to make it work.

Beauty secret?

My beauty secret is to never go outside without sunscreen. 15 minutes of sunlight exposure, especially in the summer, is potent enough to really damage skin cells.  

Wellness tip?

I cook my meals every day. I’m really trying to use my knowledge in food and nutrition to provide a healthier diet for my family.

Best advice?

There are many myths in skin care and the beauty industry is oversaturated with misleading language that can easily confuse consumers. My advice is to trust scientists and experts, learn more about skin science and which ingredients suit your skin, and find the best beauty routine for yourself.

Favorite way to relax?

I love traveling to different countries and enjoying the beautiful scenery, yummy food, and local spas. 

For more information, visit Acaderma’s website and follow them on Instagram: @acaderma

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