#BeautyBoss: April Peck, Founder of Save Me From

April Peck.

April Peck.

This week’s #BeautyBoss is April Peck, Founder of Save Me From—the first treatment collection to reboot hair from tip to root. Recently launched in May, the line is scientifically proven to improve shine, hydration and reduce split ends. The products target every layer of the hair and scalp with the brand’s patent pending, next generation Fenugen technology, encapsulated with Ayurvedic Fenugreek sourced from organic Fair Trade farms near Blue City in India. Save Me From treats hair based on the damage it is most exposed to and is designed to be applied to the scalp so that healthy hair emerges from the start.

“I’m not new to the beauty and wellness industries,” says Peck. “Previously, I cofounded the scientific skincare brand HydroPeptide and my background has been in health and wellness. Naturally, I’m passionate about creating beauty products that are wellness-focused. I was inspired to create Save Me From because I believe a great hair day is empowering. A good hair day helps us feel comfortable with ourselves, enables self-love, and a desire to help others. I wanted to empower people on a broad scale and create a haircare brand to offer that. Furthermore, I wanted to create a brand with heart, one that stood for a specific cause. Because I lost my sister to suicide, I made Save Me From my platform to advocate suicide prevention. In an effort to help those battling thoughts of suicide, we have dedicated 10% of our net income to organizations that help save people in real crises.”

We chatted with Peck, who shared what inspires her, beauty tips, favorite ways to relax, and more.

When was Save Me From founded and what’s the meaning behind the name?

Save Me From was the first brand founded by my company, LIV LUX LAB, in 2016. We spent three-and-a-half years researching, developing, and preparing for Save Me From’s launch. The pursuit of creating safe, wellness-focused, luxurious, and results-driven products guides everything that we do, and our company name LIV LUX LAB represents our commitment to purity, performance, and well-being. Save Me From has a two-fold meaning: It represents our mission to save women from their beauty concerns, and since we’re the first damage-specific hair care brand, we’re saving women’s hair based upon their lifestyle. It also represents our important mission to save lives by spreading suicide awareness and prevention tips.

What inspired the creation of the brand?

My goal with Save Me From was to create haircare products that would get to the root of all female haircare concerns, in addition to being luxurious, easy, and fun to use. To treat the hair best, I knew I had to take a holistic approach to understanding it. I created Fenugen to mend every layer of the hair and nourish the scalp, and added additional ingredients to each product to address whatever hair issues someone is dealing with more specifically—this is what we call a tip-to-root reboot.

We took three completely different approaches to developing our hair care compared to other hair products. First, many other haircare brands create products that are temporary like a Band-Aid, filled with ingredients that coat the hair. We discovered ingredients that could strengthen and build bonds within and didn’t weigh down the hair. Second, we didn’t base our formulas on hair type, which can change and be hard to understand. Instead we created products like skin care, where we identified the damaging sources hair is exposed to and how to fix them. Third, every product has been created with scalp care in mind. Beautiful hair starts with a healthy scalp. I wanted to offer tip-to-root solutions that cared for the scalp as much as the hair.

Does Save Me From have a hero product?

Split ends, thinning hair, and lack of shine are top beauty concerns, but dryness and frizz are concerns we hear more about than any others. Save Me From Thermal Obsession Tip to Root Hair Reboot not only helps protect and repair hair from heat damage, it also has an extra boost of moisture that replenishes hair and combats frizz. That being said, all of our products contain our Fenugen™ and Bond Reboot™ formulas that greatly improve the look and feel of the hair, so it’s hard to say that any one of them is significantly better than the other!

What’s your favorite product from the brand?

I cannot express enough how much I like physical activity. My ideal vacation would start off with a high-impact kickboxing session, followed by weightlifting and a good stretch. Afterwards, I’d hang out at the beach, swim in the pool, and later coax my husband and kids into a three-mile hike to see the sunset, give or take a mile or two. After learning what my sweat and the sun was doing to my hair, I had to create a solution. Save Me From Sun + Sweat Tip to Root Hair Reboot has been my guilty pleasure. Before a long run, I’ll apply a fair amount, then rinse afterwards. My hair has never felt healthier!

Where are Save Me From products sold?

Save Me From is currently found at savemefrom.com and will soon launch in prestige hair salons.

Save Me From

Save Me From

Who inspires you?

I was introduced to the poem “Anyway” by Mother Teresa as a child. I read it so many times during my adolescence that it still repeats in my mind. I’ve always been inspired by Mother Teresa’s humanitarian efforts and resourcefulness.

Secret to success?

Be resourceful, not only with managing your cashflow but with your time. The saying, “Time is our most precious commodity,” is so true. Make the most of your 24 hours by prioritizing your task list every day. I try to start with the stuff that needs to get done that I don’t want to do first. If I do that, then everything else on my list seems to get done.

Beauty secrets?

Skin care first—makeup second. If you want your makeup to look its best, you need to start with good skin care. When you practice good skin care, you feel more confident about how you look even without makeup. I love that I invested in skin care at a young age. My haircare products were formulated with a similar motto: If you invest in good hair care, your styling products work that much better.

Wellness tips?

Focus on balance between your body, mind, and spirit. It may sound cliché, but it’s true. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. It’s important that you spend time caring for its well-being, too.

Best advice?

For life, I’d say, “Be grateful.” It’s a simple enough phrase repeated constantly by every parent but sometimes hard to remember. When I’m grateful for what I have, I don’t feel like I’m going without—instead, I know I’m blessed. It makes getting through trials a lot easier. 

For work, I’d say, “You know your business best.” There are a lot of experts, consultants, and successful people. They are great resources and highly valuable, but at the end of the day no one knows your business like you do. You are responsible for the outcome of your decisions. Ask for advice, do your research, make a decision, put it into action, test it, adjust, and repeat. 

Favorite way to relax?

Sounds crazy, but a long-distance, early morning run on a great trail when the mist is still rising and the birds are just beginning to sing is my best medicine. It clears my mind and put me at ease.

For more information and to subscribe, visit the brand’s website and follow them on Instagram: @savemefrom.usa

[Images courtesy of Save Me From]

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