Are Vampire Facials Safe?


The Vampire Facial became famous when Kim Kardashian posted a photo after receiving the treatment. Recently, it was reported that two people possibly contracted HIV after receiving an improperly done procedure that was falsely advertised as a Vampire Facial.

The Vampire Facial is trademarked by Dr. Charles Runels and The Cellular Medicine Association, who are the licensed providers of the procedure. Only those who have received a license from Dr. Runels and The Cellular Medicine Association can say they perform a Vampire Facial.

With any facial or procedure, it’s important to do your homework to make sure that the person performing your service is properly licensed and has gone through the correct training to be able to safely perform the procedure.

Here’s what you should know about the possible dangers of the Vampire Facial:

  • The procedure involves a device that punctures the skin (microneedling), so the procedure can spread disease if done improperly. 

  • Some of the cheaper devices used to do the microneedling will suck blood up into the handle; therefore, the next patient could potentially be inoculated with the blood-borne pathogens from all of the people previously treated with that same device. (This is medically similar to having sex with everyone previously treated.)

  • The device used to prepare the patient's own blood for topical treatment after the microneedling component of the Vampire Facial is done should be approved by the FDA for preparation of blood to go back into the body. Kits made to analyze blood for testing should not be used.

  • The FDA does and should approve both the device used to create the microneedling-puncture wounds as well as the device used to prepare the platelet-rich plasma (PRP)-used drip onto the skin after the microneedling.

How to Find a Licensed Provider of the Vampire Facial:

One of the first steps to finding a safe Vampire Facial is to go to a licensed provider. Licensed providers receive training and agree to follow the recommended methods. This minimizes risks and optimizes results.

Licensed providers of the procedure can be found on the official website,

[Source: Cellular Medicine Association]


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