Anti-Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Just because you don’t like Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean that you can’t have a little fun! Whether you think it’s a silly consumerist holiday or are just feeling down about love, these fun and unique anti-Valentine’s Day gifts are sure to brighten up your day.

KitchCandle ($12.95)

anti vday candle.jpg

Set the tone for your day with an Anti-Valentine’s Day candle from KitchCandle ($12.95) that is anything but romantic.

LifeBoostGifts Mug ($13.13)


This mug from LifeboostGifts ($13.13) is perfect for anyone who feels “meh” about February 14.

GingerBeasties Anti-Valentine’s Day Cat Toys

Cat Toys.jpg

If even your cat hates Valentine’s Day, you can still show your kitty how much you care with these anti-Valentine’s Day cat toys from GingerBeasties ($14.90). With messages like “Bite me,” “Love stinks,” and “No way,” you’ll both be on the same page!

SymbolicImports “I Don’t Like You” Shirt ($17.09)


This festive red shirt from SymbolicImports ($17.09) says it all. Perfect for scaring off potential suitors.

GayParty Supply “Love Stinks” Banner ($2+)


Why not turn your hate for V-Day into a party—even if it’s a sad and lonely party for one? This “Love Stinks” banner from GayPartySupply ($2.00+) will celebrate your sense of humor.

Up2ournecksinfabric V is for Vodka Shirt ($20.98)


No to Valentine’s Day. Yes to vodka. If the thought of the holiday makes you want to drink, this T-shirt from up2ournecksinfabric ($20.98) is for you.

PunkDonkey Anti-Valentine’s Day Card ($3.98)


Cards like this one from PunkDonkey ($3.98) are a great way to show your disdain for the consumerism that is Valentine’s Day.

PinkandTurquoise Anti-Valentine’s Day Card ($3.84)


If you really think Valentine’s Day sucks, say it loud and clear with this card from PinkandTurquoise ($3.84)

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