A Guide to Flower Reading

Flower reading is an ancient art that uses symbolism, intuition, and knowledge of flowers to interpret a message.

Flower reading is an ancient art that uses symbolism, intuition, and knowledge of flowers to interpret a message.

As far back as we can research, humans have been in search of answers. Whether religion, the planet and stars, tarot cards or philosophy, we take comfort in knowing there may be something bigger out there showing us the way or even leading us on the right path. Astrology and tarot readings are typically my go-to methods to share insight with my clients, but there are other lesser known divination methods relating to nature. From tea leaves and rocks to feathers and flowers, anything a client interacts with is a potential source of insight. 

Recently I was asked to do readings for a private event at Glen Ivy Hot Springs in California. The coordinators were looking for something specially curated for their media event, and upon researching their venue, I fell in love with their Secret Garden—a beautiful, secluded garden with rocking chairs, and I thought intuitive flower readings would be a perfect fit. 

During a flower reading, the client chooses a flower from a vase or a deck of cards featuring pictures of flowers. People are encouraged to choose one that ‘speaks to them’ or that they are drawn to. Upon picking a flower, I talk the client through the meaning of the subtleties of the chosen flower and what “message” or healing powers it has to offer.

Flower psychometry (also known as an intuitive flower reading) is an ancient art that uses symbolism, intuition, and knowledge of the flower to interpret a message for the client. Flower attributes such as color, condition, stem, and shape are used to build insight. Other things to consider are leaves, the flower's habitat, how it grows, and names of the flowers. Even the client’s demeanor may be quite telling as they choose a flower contradictory to their outer appearance. All of these observations together can provide insight into the client's present situation in life or give them direction.  

Some interpretations have a general consensus, such as the rose. Most people would agree the rose has a strong emotional tie as it is the flower of love and gratitude. Choosing a rose could symbolize the need for self-care, attention to detail, or a new beginning on the horizon—think new bloom. Since the rose has thorns, I may ask the client what unnecessary boundaries or excuses are holding them back.

Flower reading at Glen Ivy Hot Springs. [Photo courtesy of Kate Wind]

Flower reading at Glen Ivy Hot Springs. [Photo courtesy of Kate Wind]

In a recent reading, a client chose the smallest rose in the bouquet. I suggested that she was in need of something new but possibly starting with tiny or small steps. She admitted that she just started a website for a personal business but was still holding on to her corporate job. This was the perfect time for me to add that she needed to put self-care as a priority amongst the demand of two work settings.  

Combining other methods such as astrology or elements can give deeper meaning to the flower choices. For example, in my bouquets I like to include wildflowers. Wildflowers are fun as they have more unique structures then the standard mass-market flowers, and they grow in more unusual or interesting habitats. I associate this flower with air signs (Gemini, Aquarius and Libras), as they think outside of the traditional bouquet or flower box and go against the traditional grain. 

Often, definitions derive from the appearance or behavior of the plant itself. When clients pick a sunflower, I associate it with the sun. They are circular, yellow, and provide life—just like the sun. Sunflowers represent a need to be seen. A memorable sunflower reading came from a client who told me after the reading she was about to take her bar exams. Just as the sunflower stands tall amongst the other flowers, I reiterated that this was her moment to shine.  She would come out a head above the rest!  

By working with flowers, you will grow to understand how to interpret using your own intuition, giving messages and readings through the energies of the flower. Flower readings provide a non-threatening method to unlocking mysteries as well as a fun addition to any party or event!

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Born and raised in Las Vegas, Kate Wind graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. She began her career in the corporate world of hotel spas, but later on began to expand her astrology knowledge and pursue her lifetime goal of helping others. These days she works as a full-time astrologer and Feng Shui consultant, and thrives to provide a fun, insightful reading met with guidance in a comfortable atmosphere.