5 Tips for Adding Gemstones and Crystals Into Your Daily Life

Gemstones can be incorporated into our lives in a variety of ways.

Gemstones can be incorporated into our lives in a variety of ways.

Gemstones and crystals offer a variety of unique healing capabilities and can be incorporated into our lives in a variety of ways. They can be worn as jewelry, used as a decoration in the office or home space, or carried around in one’s pocket or purse. Depending on one’s level of experience with the healing properties of gemstones and the power of their unique combinations, gemstones can easily be purchased from a variety of locations found by performing a simple Internet search or on Etsy. 

The Benefits of Gemstone Therapy

“As a professional practitioner, my pharmacy is comprised of only the highest therapeutic quality gemstones from premier sources,” says Jennifer Marcenelle, a Board-Certified Holistic Nurse, certified Gemstone and Diamond Therapy Associate Practitioner, and CEO of Burn Bright Today. “I strongly recommend exercising discernment regarding cost and quality to meet your healthcare needs. If you would like assistance choosing your gemstone combinations or building your pharmacy, I encourage you to reach out to me. I’m here to help you get started.”

Here, she offers five tips for adding gemstones and crystals to your daily life in order to enhance your mental and physical well-being.

1. Crystals Choose Us.

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When choosing a crystal cluster or gemstone necklace, take a moment to connect with it. Hold it in your hands and ask if this crystal is right for you. If it is right for you at this time, it should warm and provide a sense of upliftment.

2. Shape Matters.

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Raw crystal clusters are best suited for the environment, such as our home or office. Our bodies work best with spherical or rounded gems that can be worn as necklaces or bracelets.

3. Cleanliness Is Next to Godliness.

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Just like our home, raw crystal clusters and gemstones require regular cleaning and clearing. Remember to wash and gently scrub your crystal clusters with mild soap and follow with a nice, long sun bath. Gemstones may require different care, such as a salt bath, water rinse, or spray clearing and nourishing. Check with your gemstone expert for special cleaning and clearing sprays and modalities.

4. Gratitude.


Crystals and gemstones love what they do and they need our love too. Spend some time with them every day to share gratitude for them and for their mission. You may be surprised at the response you receive.

5. The Gift That Keeps on Giving.


Gemstone Therapy is a gift that you give to yourself and one of the most precious investments you can ever make in your health and healing. With proper care, your gemstone pharmacy will last a lifetime and can become part of your family’s legacy.

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