Meet Jodi Mannis, the Creator of Good Vibes Cookie Co.

Good Vibes Cookie Co.’s cookies come in every color of the rainbow.

Good Vibes Cookie Co.’s cookies come in every color of the rainbow.

If you haven’t seen or tried the gorgeous crystal cookies made by Good Vibes Cookie Co. yet, you’re missing out. Created by Jodi Mannis, the Los Angeles-based cookie company is nothing short of confectionary magic. Featuring colorful displays of sparkly geodes in a rainbow of colors, her cookies look like authentic crystals—and they taste delicious to match.

Like the majority of cool finds and discoveries on Instagram, I stumbled across Good Vibes Cookie Co. by accident—although in hindsight, it was fate. It only took one quick scroll down her page for me to fall in love, and before I knew it, a few weeks later I was picking up custom crystal cookies for my own bachelorette party! Her cookies make the perfect gift, whether given as individual favors or an entire box, and she can create any color combination one can think of. There are no limits to her creativity.

We recently sat down with Jodi, who shared how she got her start, how she makes her famous cookies, and more:

How long have you been in business?

Believe it or not, my first crystal cookie was made for my kiddos in February of this year. In April, I decided to brand and package them. My first pop-up tasting was in May—yes, just four months ago!

Good Vibes Cookie Co. founder, Jodi Mannis.

Good Vibes Cookie Co. founder, Jodi Mannis.

What inspired the creation of Good Vibes Cookie Co.?

As a single mom, I found myself wearing many hats and compartmentalizing my life. One day I was a baseball mom/Girl Scout leader, the next I was a single gal out on the town enjoying live music, good food and friends. I’ve always had my creative hands in something—cooking and baking with my kids—while designing on the side to help make ends meet.

My kids and I share the love of crystals and I became even more spiritual after the split from their dad. Finding a purpose for my new self and crystals definitely helped. The back-and-forth for all of us became very cumbersome—especially during the new year. For most of the holidays, I bake something special for my kids. This year for Valentine’s Day I decided it was going to be a cookie dough geode. I had no idea what I was doing and took my favorite recipes and combined them.

My kids push me to my creative limits and I’m not one to back down from a challenge. I made these original cookies and posted them on my private social media accounts. Overwhelmed by the response and people asking me to bake them, my design background started to kick in—and I thought about packaging and what this concept would look like.

Truth be told, I was struggling to make ends meet and was looking for a creative outlet or passion project that could make me a little extra but mostly fill my soul—looking to generate “good vibes” in my life after many ups and downs. Alas, I came up with the name and for so long I had tried evolving concepts and all the names were taken or didn’t make sense. I branded and came up with the concept, showed it to two creative mentors/friends, and without either one of them knowing—all three of us picked the same logo. It was kismet!

Her crystal cookies make the perfect gifts for any occasion.

Her crystal cookies make the perfect gifts for any occasion.

How do you create the crystal designs?

Each one of my cookies are handmade and painted. No two are alike—and each box is curated for the receiver. Conceptually, there is nothing like them out in the market place, but also the feelings and meanings that come with them are out of this world. With each bite, it’s an experience. The layers of flavors starting with the crystal crunch to the frosting layer down to the buttery cookie base—it’s a party in your mouth. People expect them to be super sweet but they aren’t—it’s a perfect balance of flavors and the best part is the feeling when sharing them. It makes you believe that anything is possible and that it’s okay to be different and unique!

What flavors do you make?

Each cookie is based in plain shortbread or chocolate chip shortbread with confectionary magic, the finest ingredients and lots of love!

Cookies can be made in one color or multiple color combinations as seen here.

Cookies can be made in one color or multiple color combinations as seen here.

Do you do custom orders?

Every order is custom! That’s what makes the connections so amazing! Each cookie is handmade, has a frosting layer and then the crunchy top. The colors are replications of real crystals so the possibilities are endless. Infinite possibilities for the crystals—each crystal that we find on Mother Earth has properties—calmness, wellness, love, healing, etc.

I sit with each person who orders a box and ask questions—sometimes they let me choose and sometimes they tell me exactly what they want. The coolest part is when I choose and they come back and tell me stories. Like one person bought a mix for her best friends in individual boxes, none were the same. Each friend’s box meant something special to each one of them. Not knowing what crystals I chose, one friend got a box with her birthstone and the second stone was the street she grew up on! I always tell my customers: The crystals pick you, you don’t pick the crystals!

How can one purchase your cookies?

Email me—I’m working on a website at the moment, and am enjoying the interactions and connections with everyone. I love hearing stories, dreams, and learning about everyone’s lives from every interaction! It pushes me to work harder and create more positive vibes to share and grow.

For more information and to purchase, visit Good Vibes Cookie Co.’s website and follow her on Instagram: @goodvibescookieco

[Images courtesy of Good Vibes Cookie Co.]